When trying to install an extension it gives me an error

the extension is this quick-settings@fmuellner.gnome.org

zorin os 16.3

link to extension

It is recognised as an extension but gives the error expected expression, got '='. It is recognised as a system extension

This extension was released alongside Gnome 43. It will not work on Zorin OS 16.3

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so there is no way for me to get this extension on my computer?

I am sorry, but there is not a way for it to work on Zorin OS 16.3. That extension is currently still in Experimental release.

Gnome Extensions are kind of hit and miss. Those that used to work just fine, broke with the Gnome 4+ update. Some get updated to work, some don't.
While there are many great extensions out there and a lot of benefits to them, one of the downsides is that your desktop environment and favorite features end up dependent on several different independent developers that may lose interest, fall over dead, move on to other projects...

In accepting Extensions, you must also accept the risk they bring, too.

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