When trying to install Zorin OS (Core r1) I can't select it as a boot option

Currently, I'm using Kubuntu 21.10 (latest) and I want to switch to Zorin OS, as Kubuntu is giving me headaches with my driver. I've flashed my USB and my UEFI system recognizes it but doesn't recognize the EFI files. It's used to work any reason why it isn't currently?

It is the r1 version you downloaded?

Yes, I downloaded the r1 version.

So I have to ask, did you make sure to double check the SHA256 checksum hash on that Zorin OS 16 CORE ISO you downloaded? So many people do not think to check that. All it takes is 1-corrupted ISO, to equal hours of wasted time, in a spiraling blackhole of utter nightmare.

yep, corrupted thanks man.

eabd2a222175f3556f277a0722664af1f11230285c4ce6bf69984ac40c48b1c3: original hash

5e86dba6050d4b7be89ab3d90bcc449: my hash

I need to download from a mirror the source mine is from is corrupted

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The only place you need to be downloading Zorin OS from, is from Zorin's website!

We here at ZorinGroup do not provide support for ISO's downloaded from 3rd party website.

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this is the mirror I downloaded it from: Thanks for downloading Zorin OS 16 Core - Zorin OS

Alright, as long as your downloading from Zorin OS website download page your safe. Just don't download it from any 3rd party website please. You will have to re-download it, and when you do, try to not use your internet for anything else, make downloading that ISO the only thing you do with the internet until its done downloading.

That basically increases the chance of a successful download, and reduces the chance of ISO corruption. Alright, I am going to bed, goodnight. lol

I downloaded R1, and it doesn't boot, I downloaded the Original and it's fine

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I have edited the title to refer to Core r1 download that is giving the problem. You are not the first user to report this and @Aravision is also aware of the others.

Can you confirm the problem still occurs after you downloaded Core r1 iso again from Zorin website AND you have checked its SHA256 matches the published checksum.

If you downloaded the day 1 release its good too. R1 has a fix for dell machines with efi problems. Nothing else so if the launch iso is working then use that one. You dont miss anything compared to r1

The hash was correct for the file. I had accidentally used "md5sum" instead of "sha256sum"

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