When will Zorin 16 be upgraded to Gnome 4.0?

Basically the question above. Any news to that?


my question as well

It will when Zorin 17 comes out in 2 years time as Zoriin is based on Ubuntu LTS version. Stability foremost.


you mean Zorin 17 will come after 2 years? from now? do you think this is not better to always have beta version based on non LTS versions so people like me can check them out as well?
I always want to have the latest Gnome desktop version so this can be great right? I know its hard but Zorin has the one of the best teams so it can do things more harder and bigger than this :slight_smile:

So that means before Zorin 17 - there will be no upgrade to Gnome 4.0?

@Aravisian Hopefully NEVER if were lucky :roll_eyes:

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Zorin OS 16 will not "upgrade" to Gnome 40. It is also not reasonable to ask such of the ZorinGroup. There is much that would need to be changed about the entire distro to enable such a thing.

For users that want Rolling Release and unstable release- there are plenty of distros to choose from. You can try out Fedora or Arch.


Agreed! And I also find it at least a little more reasonable to ask the Zorin brother's, to upgrade us to kernel 5.13. Just my 2-cents hehe.

That would be a major downgrade. You are now on Gnome 38.x.

I would recommend 5.15

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