When Zorin OS will be upgraded to kernel 6.1?

If you can inform me when the kernel will be upgraded, it will benefit me. Because some USB adaptors don't support in the current version. I tried to upgrage it manually but it caused issues. So, I want official upgradation.

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The next version of Zorin will be based on and follow/ exceed Ubuntu 22.04LTS.

If you are having issues that require the new firmware for hardware support you can upgrade your kernel at any time. You can follow this tutorial on order to upgrade the kernel safely. While this is not recommended, someone in your position has little other choice.

Recognize that this has the potential to make software unusable, even crash the DE. Please understand the process before following the procedure.

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To add to this; Bear in mind that should disaster strike, you can enter the Recovery Menu and roll back to the previous working kernel.


Ubuntu 22.04 is using kernel 5.15 and if Zorin OS 17 is going to based on Ubuntu 22.04, will it use kernel 5.15 or recent one?

Zorin 16 uses Kernel 5.15. If I were to guess, Zorin 17 would use Kernel 6.1, which is an LTS release.

As with all other versions of Zorin, we will see the same kernel at the beginning of 17, but that setup quickly change. The ZorinGroup releases kernel updates regularly, after they test that functionality has not been impaired by new features, depricated drivers and dependency version changes.

Think about it, we are in a distro based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, with a kernel that matches the 22.04 release. If anything, we'll most likely start at whatever kernel the ZorinGroup ends 16 on.

I would not worry or give this much attention as the ZorinGroup is normally ahead of the Ubuntu LTS kernel updates.

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