Where can a person legitimately obtain old Zorin OS premium ISOs?

I'm referring to old paid ones, like 5 Ultimate, Multimedia, etc. That or 6 Ultimate? I've paid for the Pro edition several times throughout the years, and honestly, I love to tinker with these ancient versions. They're so nostalgic to me. However, I really want to see all the features which are exclusive to these exotic SKUs they had at the time... Gaming, Multimedia, Business, Ultimate. It's crazy how times have changed :slight_smile:

If I'm right, the very last version to have Multimedia was version 7. Version 8 is when the amount of versions was reduced to Core / Lite / Ultimate / Gaming (Gaming was a one-off, and was made freely available).

Of course I know I'm not entitled to ISOs of these old paid versions, but if anyone knows how I could possibly get one (or some) of them, I'd be most appreciative. Ideally 64-bit, but 32-bit is fine too.

Pro subscriptions entitles you to download those Pro versions. Assuming you kept your email from Zorin Group, you could send them a support email asking if you may download old paid versions from them. Whilst old "free" versions of ZorinOS are available on sourceforge, original .iso's of old paid versions are not available from 3rd parties.

Very true. Thanks. I sent them an email. Fingers crossed...