Where can I download 16.3 core iso?

I have lost my 16.3 usb stick and need to create another, I cant find the downloaded iso and can only find 17.1 iso.

Please dont pile on and tell me to get 17.

You can download it from one of the official mirrors.


Like @zenzen wrote you can find it still on the Mirror Servers. For Example here: Index of /zorinos-isos/16/

Unfortunately there are no Checksums to verify the ISO.

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I have kept SHA256 checksum of Z16.3 Core if you need it.

Zorin OS 16.3 Core 64-bit: SHA256 checksum



This is honestly another thing that I don't understand why the Zorin brothers don't keep around...

It looks like the Zorin's have updated the help page to include the checksums of older releases. Much appreciated!


Thank You everyone.

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Thank You the checksum matches in GtkHash.

Maybe it would be an idea to have a list of checksums available to people hereabouts? Say if people kept one, like You did, post them into a dedicated topic?

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