Where can i upload my video to a video site that is friendly and also i can chat to

i need a site to upload and share video because my linux videos get taken down from facebook i dont want youtube and i want to use lbry more but is there any other site to upload video beside lbry and youtube

I've already recommended Youtube to you. I understand you don't want to use it, but it works for me, and most other's.

Hmm, some people have had success with Vimeo, but please note, they are copyright dictators over there. If you upload anything that they deem as copyrighted, they will remove your video so fast.

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sorry i just see it now youtube

You never heard of if ? :joy:.

Do you mean if, as in app named "if"?
I've not heard of that one.

were the OP words re Youtube

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There are several alternatives to YouTube besides Vimeo. I see on some alternative websites that a lot of posters there have started using Rumble. Another alternative is Ugetube. A search using DuckDuckGo will also show other places you can upload videos to share. I don't use Google for searches because they censor the results.

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You might try FreeTube it is in the Software download I use it to view downloads but have never uploaded anything ... it uses YouTube but indirectly so you don't need to log into YouTube .... at least to view videos ... I had imported all my favorite subscriptions before I deleted ALL my Google accounts ... you might want to check it out ...

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