Where is the shutdown animation?

Hi all,
I have recently switched to zorin os core from Windows 10. But I have never seen the shut down animation when i power off my pc in zorin os. The boot animation works fine. Is it supposed to be like this or is there something wrong on my side?

Many Linux distribution don't have this. Apple i don't know. Maybe it is about a time to faster restart pc.

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This is normal, there is no shutdown animation that I can ever recall. Windows is unique in that regard. The computer is still shutting down, it just does it behind the doors in the terminal. If you were in terminal and executed a shutdown command from there, you would see the code go by and what it was doing.

But no, no fancy animations to be seen. Thats not really something that Linux does.


Oh, then its alright. But is it because linux distros don't have the ability to add a shutdown animation or is it something that they don't want to add?

O think if you are quick enough you can type.


On either start up or shut down to see systemd messages.

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IT will be something like a words when finish movies. :smiley:
But you gived developer a good idea.

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On my notebook with Zorin 15 Lite, as it shuts down you see the Zorin logo in the center of screen, that then contracts and flies off to the right of the screen. Very small animation, but obviously Gnome can't do it. I have never understood why the Zorins don't concentrate on XFCE which is much better overall. Only my opinion of course!

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Good question, they never have though is the answer. Don't know why, they just do. Zorin still does Gnome, POP OS still does Gnome. Yes, there must be a reason.

Gnome is more monopoly but i always remember XFCE is light version for old PC.

Yes, Zorin OS does use the Plymouth Theme you see at boot at shutdown.
Whether you actually see it depends on whether your computer shuts down quickly enough that the plymouth theme has not initialized.

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I see a distorted screen during shutdown( not always but it started happening since i installed zorin os). Is it because the plymouth theme could not load properly?

It should look like the loading Splash screen, but in reverse. That is how it is in mine, anyway.

Nope I dont see the distorted screen anymore. Maybe it was a bug, but i still dont see the shutdown animation. I think it is alright. At least now I dont see a distorted screen. The screen used to flash as well previously, but now that has stopped too. So there is nothing to be concerned about anymore for me. I think some updates fixed the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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