Where to find information about Zorin version expire date?

The new version of the site gets me dizzy , it was pretty cool until a couple of days when they change it. Now info regarding expiration dates isn't easy to find. I need to know about previous versions (before 16) , also 16.1 .

The site got a little bit a labyrinth. Home should have a written access not only through the "logo" (I know this must go into the "feedback" section but wouldn't dare two topics over the same) . Thanks in advance

Zorin OS End Of Life is the same as Ubuntu, currently. So if you are curious about Zorin OS 15, you can search "Ubuntu 18.04 End of Life"
For Zorin OS 16, search "Ubuntu 20.04 End of Life"


thank you!.
regarding 16.1 I found the info at the bottom of here Zorin OS - Make your computer better.

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