Where to find Zorin OS 15 GDM lock screen wallpaper?

Where can I find the login screen wallpaper of Zorin OS 15 Core (not 16)?

Using my dad's computer, which is still on 15, brought back good memories. So I wanna get it before I update it to 16.

Any clue where I could find it?

Have you checked in /usr/share/themes/(Zorin-theme)/gnome-shell?
If you can show an image of it, it may help some forum helpers to recognize it.
I do not use Core, I use Lite, so I cannot easily reference this.

Once you find the background image, you will need this:

Thank you, I was able to find it there!
Strangely the file there is a transparent SVG pattern called noise-texture.svg that I am guessing is repeated over some solid color in the lock screen.

An easier way to go about tweaking the login screen, that I recently found out, is Login Manager Settings.

I am unsure how the Zorin team did it out of an SVG, but I guess I must create the image from the pattern somehow before I can switch it. Or is there an easier way?

Below is a pic of the wallpaper to refresh people's minds. Couldn't print-screen it, so I had to get in close with the camera, sorry for the quality.

I thought this one was Zorin OS 12...

I don't know if it also is. Z15 was the first Linux distro I daily drove. Fond memories

I prefer the Zorin 15 Plymouth, which I installed on and use on Zorin OS 16.

I recall that the Zorin 12 had the noise texture shown in your screenshot in the Plymouth splash screen.
Zorin 15 GDM may have had it, too... I used Zorin OS 15 Lite instead of Core, so had no GDM.
Let me fire up a copy of Zorin 15 and see if I can find a way for you that is direct.

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Thank you. I mean it gets done somehow. I guess it is done that way so it support multiple display sizes(?). I just have no clue of where/what I'd be looking for. Some sort of script perhaps.

The GDM theme is governed within the Gnome Shell theme in the Zorin Theme.
For example, let's say you navigate on Zorin OS 16 to /usr/share/themes/ZorinGrey-Dark/gnome-shell/assets
You should see the file login-background.png
In gnome-shell.css, you will find line 1134
#lockDialogGroup { background: url("assets/login-background.png"); background-size: cover; }
I can see this on Zorin OS 16 Lite since all of the Z16 themes are included.
But I need to have enough free time that i can physically look in the same location on Z15 to be sure.
Much of the time, I have enough moments available to clear out a few threads and then off I go again...
I can only ask for patience.

Thanks for that info. I was able to find it. This is what is on the Zorin OS 15 theme, in line 1972:

#lockDialogGroup {
  background: #141a19 url("assets/noise-texture.svg");
  background-position: 0 0;
  background-repeat: repeat; }

I guess I could copy a Zorin 16 theme, replace that block from the one in it, and place the edited theme in .themes. Would that work, or for GDM to pick that up I'd need to change the theme GDM uses?

If I used an edited Z16 theme, I would miss on official Zorin updates to it. And for some reason when I use a theme from Zorin placed in .themes, some applications don't pick on it (like GParted).

Is there anyway I can render an image from that so I can use it with Login Manager Instead and not to worry about the above?

I can help either modify a copy of the theme which you can place in ~/.themes in your home directory in order to keep the Zorin Theme that gets updates intact.
But you are correct that modifying a New Background Image would be the simplest. That way, the image is the only thing you need to change.

I wish Gnome allowed this to be simpler.
In XFCE - LightDM, it is as simple as changing the wallpaper in settings.

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Yeah, it got a lot easier with Login Manager though.

Sorry, it wasn't very clear, could you help me with rendering an image so I can apply it in Login Manager? If so, how would I do it?

Well, if it was me, I would start in Gimp or in Inkscape.

Let's use Gimp as an example.
Start with the background color that is behind the noise texture is a few pixel size sample. You can do this however you want to really...
Or here is one in 10px by 10px:

You can adjust the light / dark / coloration as you wish.
With your sample open in gimp, select image > scale image
Click the LINK icon connecting width and height to detach them.
Now set the width the same as your Monitor resolution width.
Set the height to match your resolution height.
Set this operation aside for a moment and now open up the noise-texture file you referenced earlier.
Click Layer > Transparency - right menu and ensure alpha transparency is added. If it is already added, that option will be grayed out. If it is not added, then add it.
Click Filters > map > tile
Unlink the proportions as above...
Now set the width and height to match your other image and your resolution.
You now should have a Noise Texture matching your other background color you had set aside.
Tap r to ensure you are on rectangle select. Then tap ctrl+c to copy-all.
Move to the Background Color Image and tap ctrl+v to paste the tiled noise texture on top of the background color.
From File > Export as you can set the Name of the file and where to save it.

With that now made, you can set that as your Login Background Image.

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