Where to get Zorin OS 15.3 Lite 64-bit

i needed the 64 bit version of Zorin OS 15.3 Lite , and looks like its not available in the official zorin website (only the 32 bit version is available)

i found it in sourceforge.net
but the download is really slow
it says 11 hours even though i have a 100mbps internet connection ;-;

Did you try from here -> 32-bit Version of Zorin OS - Zorin Help

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yea but there is not 64 bit version there

I just checked:

It would take 6 mins for me.
The download time can vary a lot depending on traffic and connection on the mirror. If you see a long download time, it helps to just close the browser and try again after a moment.

You can also move through the official mirrors Zorin OS is currently using:

Click the mirror link on the left. For example, I click Sandy River... this leads to the Index of files. Select /15

Then select 15.3 Lite 64
For example:


If there are problems with the default mirror, click on alternative mirror nearer to where you live.


Thank you very much .... i thought the mirrors only had what the zorin site had lol

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