Where to set the Search Domain

Hi ... my Zorin 16.2 box is sitting on a bigger network. DNS is working fine ... the only thing I can't find is where to set the search domain, so that I can write in on the command line:

ping server


ping server.mybigworkdomain.local

I have looked around online, and I don't know about you, but it seems like there are 17 ways to do this in Ubunutu now, but none of them seem to work on my new Zorin box.


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On Settings > Wi-Fi or on tray icon menu > click the active connection name > Wi-Fi Settings, if you click the gear button on the right of the active connection there are DNS and domain options, you mean those?

Are you referring to appending the network url to the servers as you attempt to ping them? In terminal you can use ctrl + shift + c (for copy) or v (for paste).

You can add an alias in .bashrc as well with the suffix.

I'm curious why the computer isn't adding it itself, it should if it's part of the domain. Your computer, if you share, would be share.bigcomp.net then.

This isn't adjusted locally, it's adjusted in the network domain, talk with your network administrator.

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