Whether to install 17.1 or not

I had problems with 17 not being able to install guest editions in windows I tried to delete the dualboot partition and lost the loot so I reinstalled 16.3 all is ok works fine I did notice that while updating virtualbox is now 6.1.50 not 6.1.38 as original 17 used 6.1.48 was this a buggy edition does any one know also what edition of virtualbox does 17.1 have thanks Sandy

I've got 6.1.50 on my end, Zorin Core 17.1 - not a Flatpak or Snap either!

How are you installing the guest additions? Zorin has its own guest additions package, just fyi - zorin-virtualbox-guest-additions

Thanks PlumpKibbles

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I still prefer virt-manager over virtualbox:


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