Which app to chose?

Hi there,

how do I choose the "official" version of apps? I have been searching trough the store and encountered duplicates a lot of times.

Which one should I choose (flathub or snapcraft)?
Is there any advantage that one has over the other?

Here is an example:

You'll know if an app in unofficial because you'll see a warning in the description saying that the wrapper is not verified, affiliated with or supported by the developer.

Personally, I choose DEB over Flatpak and snaps.

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Thank you very much for pointing that out. What I still not get is the following:

If I look at the version numbers the "original ZorinOS" app is always way behind. Why is that?

A cutting edge package may have a higher package version number.
I recall one time when I was uploading one of my packages to launchpad... on a particularly brainless day... I had failed to spot a typo in the read me file several times.
In order to upload the revised package, I had to elevate the package number.
And I did this.
Like ten times.
On one package.
In one day.
It was pathetic.

My changelog kept showing the revision of "Fixed typo". But the package itself behaved identical to the one that was ten versions below it. Identical. I was literally only correcting typoes.

Always check the changelogs to know the actual difference between versions.

The nearer you get to the Highest Version revision number, the less stable that package may be.
What is included in the Zorin Repos is the Highest Stable Package available.
And stable is the key word.

A bigger number is not necessarily better.


It's funny to me... it really is...
A user on Windows will use 15 year old applications without hesitation, since they do not really see many package numbers... But they come over to Linux and see version 5.17 is higher than version 5.12 and they lose their minds demanding that they get "that Latest Package that has So Much New Stuff Its So Great I want it so bad even though I have No Idea What It Is."



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