Which are all the Linux distributions you have ever used (on bare metal/VM)?

Pardus did things differently and was really stable.

I was the one that recommended the PiSi package manager to Solus which became eopkg.

Endeavour OS can you saying something about experience?. I know this is some arch like Manjaro. Original arch is arch Linux od arc Linux?

Pretty much, it's as close to arch as possible with a gui installer. You can pick your DE of choice and decided what packages would be installed (basic packages). Theming is very nice, and you always can deselect the theming package if you want a complete vanilla experience. It's my go to for a quick, straight forward install of arch, and it comes with maintenance scripts to maintain your OS.

Proven with benchmarks, it's pretty much arch with little to no overhead.

Ya, I tried so many ISOs before giving up. I hope for the best for the project!

Same. I tried Artix and also got nowhere.

I hopping many times but in my adventure always more going to the Zorin way. Why Zorin? After 30 years linux and I bet @zorink they know best code what is best for stable and will working with a computers. The customers and users maybe wanna many things in linux but if this also help to be Zorin still stable or more heavy, eating more ram and to be more slowly?

Psychoslinux for old computers.

Too many to remember. My very first one was a brownish one... looks so old now but I remember it like a masterpiece... no drivers but reverse engineering at its best...

I don't even remember when that brown turned to orange...

BTW I still have 5 original CD's of that edition. Anyone's interested? :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face:


Only 5Mb? Some container or something?

I've just binned 5.10 Ubuntu and Kubuntu! LOL!

my first taste of linux was kodachi. pretty cool but had no clue what everything did for awhile. after a bit of research i decided to go all in and picked Zorin to be my daily driver replacing windows.

that was last september i believe, so not a seasoned veteran by any means. still had some fun with vm's though, including the distros below (just going down the distrowatch list and seeing what i remember)

-pop! os
-kde neon
-ubuntu budgie
-feren os

all in all i think kubuntu is my favorite so far but i'm still pretty new. i'm going through a kde kick rn so who knows :woman_shrugging:

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