Which Desktop Environment do you like and why?

Like GNOME, XFCE, LXQT, KDE Plasma, Cinnamon, MATE, Budgie, etc.

I like GNOME :wink:

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I like Gnome for the most part too, as long as there are extensions, one can make it quite usable. The only thing is, its not as customizable as XFCE is. And that is one of the reasons why some people use it, for that added flexibility.

Another thing about Gnome its a resource hog. But, as long as you have a minimum of 2GHZ dual core CPU and 4GB RAM - 8GB RAM proffered for general use cases, then Gnome is ok.

Gnome desktop is pretty in its own way, but not by default. You have to customize it. Like I did with POP OS, and the little bit of adjustment I made in Zorin OS as well.

I don't really distro hop anymore, and its not like I was doing a ton of distro hopping before either. I have settled on Zorin OS and POP OS, they are the only distro's that I truly love. I could care less about other's.

Feren OS and Makulu Lindoze could have been close seconds. But the dev's chose to not fix memory leaks, so they lost out.

I think straight Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mate are ugly. Cinnamon by default is also ugly, unless they are customised. XFCE kind of looking nice out of the box, but of course, the whole reason you get on XFCE in the first place is to customise.

No need to concern yourself with any others, unless you have a single core 64 bit or 32-bit machine, then you better check out Bionic Pup.


I still haven't decided on one DE, I just jump around. Mostly between KDE and Gnome, sometimes Cinnamon.

GNOME is nice for me, haven't really tried the others for a fair comparison besides XFCE in Kodachi. I prefer Gnome though, coming from windows it's a familiar layout that gets me to everything I need quickly. :]

Ubuntu Budgie because of number of applets available and it comes with Nemo by default. It was Zorin layouts and a stable core that got back on Gnome after four years. We'll see what happens with Gnome going forward. I liked Deepin 15.x but not 20.x.

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I prefer Cinnamon or XFCE. They are fully fleshed out, very configurable and are fast. Not resource heavy.


Aravisian, nice to have you back, hope u had a nice weekend. Great man.

Before Zorin I was using MAUI Linux (came with a Plasma desktop) because of the speed and stability, but sadly enough the project stopped. But I was hooked on Plasma, thats why I still use Dolphin in Zorin (in my opinion the best FM). I've tried Zorin with a plasma desktop, but is wasn't what i expected. So i combined Gnome with some Plasma apps.

I've tried MXlinux with a XFCE desktop but for me its to "messy" it way to much u can adjust, perhaps thats oke with others but I say no, and above all it doesn't look as professional as Gnome does.

Have u ever tried windowsfx comes with a plasma an cinnamon desktop and lots of Windos apps preinstalled. I've installed it beside Zorin for a couple month but still was attracted to Zorin.
So for me Zorin with Gnome for now is the best outcome.
Stable as hell (I can feed/install whatever I choose it still keep running smooth) and I like the startup an closing down time its better than any derivative I tried.

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I was a fan of Cinnamon back in 2014, these days i dont care much and use gnome. I don't customize alot.

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I do not understand this, as nothing about Gnome resembles Windows.
Window File Manager: Big Huge Toolbar.
Nautilus (Gnome) File Manager: No toolbar - at all.
Windows: Has Titlebars.
Gnome: Does not and uses CSD.
Windows: has detailed Treeview.
Gnome: Minimalist treeview.

Gnome resembles Android but not Windows.

Funny, that's what everyone says about Plasma.

And how does a minimalist barely functional desktop "Look professional?"
What is professional looking about having the settings, tools and functions hidden or missing entirely?
It's not even about customizing it- it's about daily use. You can't find anything in Gnome.
They hide it because they are more concerned about protecting their brand image than they are about User-friendly functionality.


Gnome is at this point in my limited Linux experience my Fav, and Cinnamon next... but I'm still very wet behind the ears to know much at this point. Give me a few months and I'll revisit the thought

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For the moment, it's Gnome -- Gnome with ArcMenu that is. I'm not a fan of all the rounded corners in Gnome, the hamburger menu on the desktop and the placement of buttons on the title bar but, and it's a big but, it all works.


Not a fan of the things that make Gnome, Gnome but...

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I love GNOME because it's smooth and beautiful, seriously.

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I use and love XFCE. It fixed most of the issues my laptop faced while I was using Gnome. I also have an intrest in trying out KDE.

So you say you like gnome but also dislike all the things in it :rofl:


Budgie. For me, Budgie** is a near-perfect desktop environment -- simple, minimalist, elegant and functional.

I used Gnome for many years, and have looked at other DE's (KDE, XFCE, Mate, and so on) but I've never been tempted to move away from Budgie. For me, nothing else comes close.

** Specifically, Solus OS Budgie, the original, ground-up implementation. I have looked at implementations of Budgie on other distros, and most seem about 10% off for one reason or another. The Solus OS operating system layer and the Budgie desktop layer were built hand-in-hand, and fit one another perfectly.


Gnome is my thing, though I do like Budgie as well.


According to me, GNOME is fully finished and tested DE. Others are also good, but they seem to be lacking in design elements as compared to GNOME.

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No, not all the things in it. But essentially what I have said is so.

What do I like about it:

  1. It's understated and elegant

  2. Relatively minimalistic and not in my way

  3. Consistent and thought out, even if I don't like everything

  4. The Settings panel is fantastic

  5. It just works

I can live with the things I don't like.

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Every desktop environments has it's pro's and cons. The great thing about Linux is that you have enough options. If you don't customize alot gnome is a good thing, if you do like customize things then KDE or Cinnamon is a good environment.