Which Desktop Environment do you like and why?

I would have to go XFCE. It is just a good work horse de. Easily set it up to meet your needs. My only misgiving is that lately I can't seem to get the XFCE sensors to work on start up.

I also like Enlightenment for it's small overhead. I've run into small issues every time I've used it though (like the XFCE sensors not working at start up).

Plasma is nice - is stripped down like in Kubuntu 18.04.3 - fairly small overhead.

Now I go off the deep end with Fluxbox and ICEwm.

Mate is okay if done well. Lxde was okay. I don't get lxqt as it seems to take more overhead than lxde.

Unpopular on this - probably: don't like gnome.

For me GNOME is the best and XFCE is good too.
Im watching a lot of YT reviews and i really dont understand all the hate gnome gets in youtube videos , it seems average users prefer it most of the time so it must have doing something right


It really isn't the DE as much as it is the devs of GNOME that are hurting themselves. They are becoming more and more of the likes of M$ and Crapple. And they don't like anyone modifying their precious GNOME and make it a headache for those that make some QoL tweaks for it. The GNOME devs don't listen to feedback and think everyone else is under them. As a DE, GNOME can be good and much improved and a great DE but unless the devs get their collective heads out of their butts, distros (like Pop OS) will move away from GNOME.


I used to be a fan of Gnome, but for heavy DE I would opt for KDE and LXQt over xfce. I was a fan of Gnome because of its superior accessibility app Orca, the screen reader. But now Devuan offers screen reader for the installation too and Orca works in KDE, LXQt, xfce and Gnome flashback. Why LXQt? Because it uses KDE libraries. :wink:

I like Cinnamon and MATE. XFCE is okay too. I currently have Gnome with Zorin 16. I know Gnome is really solid as a DE. But, I get frustrated by the amount of resources that it uses. I think it's because it was really slow on Ubuntu, what I have used previously. But, it's okay on Zorin. It was really bloated before.

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Zorin did a great job with Gnome integration.
I also use Cinnamon on Zorin OS 16

sudo apt install cinnamon cinnamon-core

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I don't like Cinnamon or Gnome because of it's integrated Pulse Audio. Try to remove Pulse audio and the whole DE goes with it. However there is a workaround for Gnome not sure about Cinnamon. So for integrated audio read disintegration of the DE.

KDE Plasma Desktop is using 580 MB when idling with no applications running beside the terminal application. Whereas XFCE is using around 476 MB when idling with no applications running beside the terminal application

KDE Plasma Desktop offers a beautiful yet highly customizable desktop, whereas XFCE provides a clean, minimalistic, and lightweight desktop.

I like KDE as for the image side and it's not as bloated as others say.

Show your sexy desktop please :grinning:, i love those eye candy colors in it.







The plasma desktop looks so great :star_struck:

I started out on Zorin so Gnome is what I first experienced linux to be, be that good or bad. I went through a phase of KDE as I got more into customization and that was fun going through videos creating different setups. I would distro hop to find which distro I liked using KDE the most on so setting my desktop back up each time was a bit of a time drag though. One day I deleted the wrong file and my laptop wouldn't boot up, O_O, and I was dreading another fresh install and setup so I came back to Zorin and Gnome to get something clean out of the box.

Come to find out, the forum showed me how to install new icon packs, themes, and cursors, which is about all I customized in KDE anyway, so I've been having fun with that and think I settled on something I like finally. Luckily Zorin offers some customization of it's own as far as orienting things so the combo really works for me and is all I need to get by happily. :]


cinnamon is hideous as sin and should be purge with an ugly stick. It screams windows 95 all over it. :smiley:


You have said this before, mostly to my confusion. :stuck_out_tongue:
Perhaps it is because as a themer, I modify its general appearance to the point that whatever you are seeing, it is not noticeable to me.
Cinnamon is more customizable and easier to configure than Gnome, but less such than XFCE. I consider it Mid-Range in user experience.

What Elements of the desktop look like Windows 95? And how does something look "outdated" as such? Is it because it has toolbars?

I remeber when I was a children started with atari 64xl.
From this time when watching people playing minecraft.
So operating system can be from ice age it important working without problems. About gaming I changed mind happy with them what you want but if you searching newer games then go buying a new pc. It depends what user using a pc. Every some DE have plus and minus. Last time i used Cinnamon and it was very simple, more simple from Gnome but xfce is lighter. When now using Zorin with xfce.

It may be bad user set up that been posted all along, that leave a bad taste. I know that taste isn't something that can be measure... but again there's things like tasteless :stuck_out_tongue:

My post was more for teasing and shouldn't be taken 100% seriously.

@Aravisian LOL, there's nothing that makes it look like Win 95 unless one makes it look that way. But those themes are available for all the DE's.

Is there any way to get the new version of Cinnamon 5.2? They've added the calendar integration. I'd prefer not to have to just use Mint, and the Ubuntu version is well behind now.

Yes, you can use the Unstable repo:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxmint-daily-build-team/daily-builds

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Thanks, I will give that a try

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