Which disk will be chosen for installing os?

Hi, I am going to install Zorin and it says that the whole data on the disks will be destroyed and that shows one disk. In windows 10 I have two disks C and D, which of them data will be destroyed?

You get to choose which disk. While installing, select the Something Else option (the last option). Don’t pick Erase or Install alongside etc.
On the screen for Something Else there is a dropdown to pick the disk (lower half of the screen).

If I choose disk C, data in in disk D will be saved?

Yes, if you choose one disk, the other will be left untouched.

Pic from internet for Something Else option:
In this pic, there is only one disk sda. This will show as C drive in Windows and sda in Linux.
For you, likely C drive is the Windows OS drive and will show as sda, D drive will show as sdb.
I can't say for sure until you start the installation process and see for yourself but those are the most likely names you will see for your drives.

Ok, thanks, I will try

Here is my photo:

In Windows my disk C has 53gb (/dev/sda2) and disk D has 446gb (/dev/sda4) but here is also another disks

Which of them should I choose?

I am installing Zoorin 15.3 lite 32 bit

I think I should choose /dev/sda2 but I'm not sure

You already identified the partitions correctly. If you want it on C then choose sda2, if on D then choose sda4. If it were me, I’d go with sda4 (no special reason, just personal preference) but the choice is entirely yours.
I recommend seeing this for partitioning: Partitioning during installation
I also recommend using EasyBCD to setup your boot: EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies

REMEMBER: Whatever you choose must be selected in that dropdown menu in the lower half of the screen.

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Actually, if you only have 53 GB on your windows drive (sda2) you almost certainly want to install Zorin on sda4.

HOPEFULLY THE FINAL EDIT: I guess I was right in my earlier post, regarding sda,sob being the drive names. As this article confirms, sda are all one drive with different partitions. Regardless, I still recommend picking the sda4 partition.


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