Which Is Best Distro?-Be honest

ok for amazing visuals and tweaks different from the main stream i would recommend garuda linux kde dragonized variant but only to pro not newbies since based on arch and needs high specs.

You mean gentoo also is arch and could be a xfce? Professionals people.

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Solus MATE is pretty good.

The live edition of Devuan 3.0 used xfce but I notice on more recent edition a move to LXQt - try the live edition of Devuan 4. There is 64-bit and 32-bit isos from the first mirror I clicked on here:


Zorin Lite is as good a distro for those specs as any - and better than most. Linux Mint XFCE is also very good (even Mint Cinnamon would run well.) Peppermint is another distro that uses XFCE and is really quick.

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A distro that can still offer 32-bit is worth looking at - some netbooks might have 64-bit Atoms but the motherboard will only support 32-bit, like my HP Mini Netbook that still has Windows 7 "Lite" on it!

macOS. Only way to be cool and happy. End of debate.

... and penniless! :rofl:


I’m sure there’s an app for being penniless.

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game app can you to be without a money. Mac you mean Hackintosh or real Mac in McDonald's? xD