Which is better? Gnome or XFCE?

Good day. I have question, can I install/run Zorin OS 16.1 Lite on my Acer Intel core i3 laptop with 1TB HDD, 4GB Ram, and a 64-bit? Is it true that XFCE is smooth rather than Gnome? Coz my laptop with Zorin OS 16.1 Core is now laggy and sometimes slow. Can someone answer and enlighten me. Thank you! :grin:

Absolutely. Those are good specs.

XFCE can run more smoothly than Gnome on some machines. While I am no fan of Gnome (And this is well known), in operation, Gnome performs as smoothly as XFCE on some on higher end machines.


Thank you @Aravisian sensei. I miss this forum. Gonna try it later. :grin:

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I changed Zorin Gnome to the Zorin Lite xfce and must sayed is in xfce working better, low bugs and also uninstalled flat pakage and snap package. Mostly using .deb package. It will be very nice if Zorin 17 will be full debian OS - besides Ubuntu coming from Debian.


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