Which is better: GTK+ or QT?

My first post here...

Aloha from Hawaii to all folks who read this.

I am an old hand at Windows but I have been using Linux in general, Zorin in particular, for only ~3 weeks.

Zorin has available the same app (Autokey) with 2 different front ends: GTK+ & QT. I want to use this app because macros are a big help for much of what I do on the internet.

Which frontend is better for a newbie - GTK+ or QT? (Any & all comments will be greatly appreciated.)

I recommend sticking with GTK, as Zorin OS is primarily using GTK.

Incidentally, both QT and GTK(2) are used on Windows and have been for years. So you are already familiar with them, even if you did not know it at the time.:wink:


Spot on. 10Q to the nth power!!! :star_struck:

If you are developing, it wouldn't hurt to learn and utilize both graphics libraries, though you'll have to install QT. Otherwise, go with GTK since both lite and core versions of Zorin use that library.

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