Which one look best?

I'm torn between making a light and dark version of my upcoming icon theme. Should I do the dark one or the light one?


I will choice both white and black. One colour outside and one inside. Circle it is innovasion where is not often in linux distributions.


maybe I should do that. Going to test it.

As this falls on personal preference, it is difficult to answer and no answer will please everyone or anyone, including the creator.

Some will argue the inclusion of a circle in a square, some will ask that it be found to begin with the circle, some will say to remove the circle.

Personally, I like the dark with the colors. It seems more cohesive and inclusive of the design... blends better.

Others will like the contrast.

I like fluid transition, complimenting shades that provide enough of a contrast to discern what it is easily without the stark loud opposites that accessibility usually recommend.

Instead of the standard square or circle, possibly another shape, diamond, triangle, "z", that would pique interest and make them really different.

Maybe not even use a surrounding shape... the icon on transparent background with new and interesting gradients or highlighted solid colors to mimic chrome, glass, marble or wood?!


I think I fall into this category. While I generally prefer dark themes and icons, there's not enough contrast with the background colors so I'd go with light version of the icon in this case.

The solution are two if your desktop de is light then i propably going with black, but if the desktop and everything what i open is black then propably going with white. Example is forum here with dark theme and all another things are mostly white.