Which OS are you using?

Wich operating system are you using ?
Personnaly i use Windows (for gaming), and Zorin OS (for everything else)

  • Windows :window:
  • MacOS :apple:
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Arch
  • Ubuntu
  • Zorin OS
  • Kali Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • ChromeOS
  • Something else
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This poll has multi-vote on, so you can select all your OSs.

Also i don't know if i can post this poll on the Zorin Forum, because i'm not on the Zorin Forum for that long.

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I still sometimes boot into my zorin installation on my laptop, but I mostly daily-drive debian now. Seems to be free from Ubuntu's snap problem, while still feeling familiar because of the apt package manager

I'm sure you can, but you should expect Zorin to be the one that gets the most votes since, well, this is the Zorin forum, so that's what most people here use :melting_face:

  • Manjaro on my main PC, though likely to switch to another distro soon - currently eyeing up MX or Ultramarine.
  • Zorin Lite on my Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130
  • Fedora Workstation on my Surface Go 2 (I hate vanilla gnome as a general rule but unfortunately it is the best for trackpads and touchscreens right now)

Mine is boring. I have a Dual boot System with Zorin and Windows 10. Windows stay until the Support in October 2025 ends.

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Oh yeah, i forgot that Windows 10's end of support is the next year.

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I don't actually use ZorinOS myself :sweat_smile: well, except for virtual machines and when I have to wear my tech support hat for friends and family.

For me, Debian works great and haven't had the need to switch to something else. I'm curious about things like Devuan because of the systemd and xz thing recently. On a separate machine I had Debian XFCE but there were a few issues with it and replace it with MX Linux; now it works perfectly. If I had to choose a non-Debian distribution I would most likely go with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

On the server I still use Ubuntu though, mostly for the wide community support, but I plan on going with Debian at some point. Things work pretty well for me right now so I will take my time before switching things around just because.

I use ZorinOS for almost everything, including gaming (I've yet to encounter a game that doesn't run in Steam / Heroic Gamelauncher). The only reason I keep a Windows 11 boot is because I create music, and most commercial virtual instruments / sample library plugins don't have native linux support (also authentication software for Native Access, Heavyocity, EastWest etc. doesn't run properly in Wine either.)

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Solus OS. reason: They have the best Budgie DE experience out there, but now I'm running Gnome. I like the minimalistic approach they have on apps installed by default. Oh, and it's rolling release - so you're up to date with things. I know the latest isn't always the greatest, but a tech guy like me knows my way around linux system ... well that's what I tell myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am on a Macbook so I am using MacOS as my main OS. Apple have decided to drop support for my laptop in their latest OS, even if it still perform well. So, in few years, I won't be able to update any softwares and won't get security updates. I've installed Zorin OS on dual boot. Sadlym because of Apple Hardware, the experience is not 100% out of the box, no sound, no camera, sleep not working. But thanks to the community, most of these issues are fixable and I will be able to fully switch to Zorin OS. My next computer will definitively be a linux laptop.

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You might want to checkout Asahi Linux instead, as it's designed specifically for Apple devices.

Thanks but luckily I have an Intel MacBook so it's pretty well supported: GitHub - Dunedan/mbp-2016-linux: State of Linux on the MacBook Pro 2016 & 2017. My understanding is that Asahi Linux is for the new M chips.

I use Zorin 16 Core as my daily driver inside VMware with no problems, game on Windows for the most part. I used to dual boot with Windows 7 but that machine died after many years of service.

I try to avoid using Windows as much as I can, only exception is when I have to email a PDF or word document to someone who only uses Windows, which unfortunately, if you are in a professional environment is most of the time or when I have to restore family photos with Photoshop. I have used Gimp for that purpose, but still prefer Photoshop.

I am messing around with various OS's at the moment that aren't included in the poll. GhostBSD (MATE), PCLinuxOS KDE 24.04, and about to scrub linuxfx 11 22.04 to play with Kubuntu 24.04.4 and Ubuntu Cinnamon 24.04.4. Taking a look also at pearOS-NiceC0re-2022.03_x86_64 from archive.org.

i'm using zorin lite , it's the best, but i need to use windows for certain cases, so i wish if windows7 return again

Desktop:Zorin 17 with virtual machines and Windows 11(Work). Two Win 11 Laptops, one for workout area (Music) and one for a Boss Katana guitar amp.

Old Desktop & Laptop: Solus Plasma and Budgie.

Zorin 17 Pro has become my main work station. I co-found a Cybersecurity and Privacy compliance business about 10 years ago now. I am also the CTO and developed our SaaS solution, so Linux in itself is just better for all of that. I have been using *nix since before Linux existed (getting old) starting with System V when I was 12. However, I have never and will never be one of those that is against other operating systems like Windows, MacOS, commercial software. I feel as long as there is choice, it is all good, and you should use the best tool for the job or what works for you.

I also use Windows 11 for many things as well. I try to FOSS where is fits, but as mentioned I also have no problem using commercial when it is the best tool for what I need.


My problem with windows is not that is commercial, it's that it uses way more resources than it should to run, profits over selling your personal data (even as a paid OS...) and changing things that work and work well with less good things

I do prefer supporting open source, but if Windows was actually better than linux in most things (or everything), I wouldn't mind using it instead of linux. But seeing how things have just been going downhill since windows 8 released and it keeps getting worse, I personally prefer avoiding it

But it is true that having options is important. AMD wouldn't need to try to bring significant improvements in each generation of processors if it didn't have to fear being considered an "inferior option" compared to intel. Microsoft wouldn't need to care about very notable community complaints if it didn't fear people switching to macOS or, since recently, linux and chromeOS. How many times has a company reverted a decision because of community complaints? They do so to not lose many customers. But when there are no options available and it's just "use our product or use nothing", would they back down on a decision none of their users liked if they didn't have to fear losing customers?

I don't like windows and I would love to see the linux marketshare being higher than windows's, but I think windows should stay as an option and not disappear.

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I just realized i never actually made a post myself, i only issued my vote.

I use Zorin Pro (Core) and have done so for roughly 2 months now. I use it as a daily driver, i primarily do:

  • Gaming
  • Programming
  • Personal economy

I of course like everyone else have had to sacrifise software that only works on Windows.
The one thing i desperately wish i had is Affinity Designer, there simply aren't that many good alteratives for the linux space. Overall i haven't had any major issues. Then there's also Voicemeeter banana, but i found a good alternative for linux thankfully.

Without going too off-topic, I'm even more happy with linux now that im seeing what apple and microsoft is doing with artificial intelligence.

See this post if you want to point and laugh at microsoft


I just selected Zorin even though I technically still use Windows and rarely, ChromeOS. I use Windows at work, and I still have it dual-boot installed on my laptop in a limited-space partition just in case I need it for something. So far the only thing I've needed it for is to run easier backups to my <cough, cough> Google Drive that I hope to eventually replace. I can access GDrive fine on Zorin, but I haven't found a simple way to sync files yet as the files seem encrypted to the sync app. But no biggie as I'm looking for a different solution.

I use murena.io cloud storage. All you need is a browser. Servers are in Norway, not data scraping US.