Which Processors are Better for Linux (Intel or AMD)?

I was thinking which Processors Companies make the best processors for Linux OS :thinking:

Like would you Prefer AMD or Intel or any other, While building a PC especially for Linux :question:


I dunno. Hard to tell. My Desktop computer got a Ryzen AMD and my laptop got Intel - both of them work great.


I got a Ryzen ThreadRipper 3990X, but I still think that Core i9-12900KS will be better for Linux :joy:


I suppose ThreadRipper 3990X is the fastest in the world :thinking:


Rather than better, let's look at computer freedoms, and historic issues with both. Intel at one point was coined Wintel for obvious reasons. Intel's speedstep software was deemed a security risk 10 years before Intel finally acknowledged it was an issue. Then let's not forget about the 'Meltdown' debacle, and just before it was made public the CEO sold all his Intel shares. In some regards AMD is just as guilty with Spectre. During the school summer holidays I had to get all the electrical appliances used by the service I was employed by, available for Portable Appliance Testing to ensure equipment was safe to use. The tester one particular year happened to know my cousin (I digress) and went on to tell me about testing visit he made to an AMD factory. There was an employee there doing nothing other than slicing Intel Processors in half. So perhaps AMD has attempted to create reverse engineered chips and they had the Spectre issue. Ironic isn't it that even though Intel was at fault with Meltdown, users had to get their fix from the manufacturer of the computer to get the fix! Interestingly, Samsung was one company that never made a fix for their P530 notebooks. ARM processors have also had security flaws. Historically my favourite processors were the MotoRola 68000 processors in Amigas which if you really wanted to, you could run MacOS on them. Now more recently Storm reported that AMD powered Lenovos are designed only to run Windows. And on a further historical note, the Intel MMX debacle. 'Grey' manufacturers of Computers at the time of Pentium processors were lambasted by consumer organisations for not telling customers about the impending change to newer MMX processors. What the consumer organisations failed to realise is that Intel had threatened the Grey manufacturers that if they were to say anything about MMX, Intel would no longer supply them with processors.
So you could argue your choice should be based on which manufacturer is more morally broke than the other. With regard to Lenovo, who knows maybe M$ threatened Lenovo with withholding Windows CoA if they didn't make machines that could only run their OS, but I guess we will never know.


Back when I was fooling around with computer builds I went with AMD .... main reason was you could up grade your processor with out having to get a new mother board because Intel had a different base for every processor upgrade .... with AMD you could go for about 4-5 upgrades before they would change their bases .... may have change now but I think not ....

But as I don't plan on any more builds I went with Intel for my last 2 laptops and am quite happy ....


Good question. I user on PC Intel. Stilo working many years.


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