Which version should I choose?

Which Zorin version should I install on my computer (Dell Inspiron 1545), I'm thinking of installing LITE to have a better performance but I don't know if it will use both processor cores.

Processor: Inter®Core 2 Duo T6400 (2 GHz)
GPU: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series
Ram: 4Gb (2 DDR2 Sticks)
Hard Disk: SSD

Given your specs, either Core or Lite should run reasonably well on your computer. You can make a choice based on your preferred Desktop Environment.
Using Lite may give a small boost in performance.

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Use Lite, You will get serious problems with Core according to your specs. I have seen notebooks run on Lite Version (Xfce) and you may also enjoy the same experience :smiley:

It will use all of the Resources :wink:


I have a Inspiron 3502 (n4020 upgrades to 8gb/1tb) use Lite Pro 16, even with added ram the lower spec'd duo CPU will be noticable in Core edition.

I have Core on two dual cores, one has only 4GBs. Both work fine. It you want it to seem zippier, turn off animations. Try Wayland. SSDs, of course.

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