Which Version would be suitable for my Desktop?

Hello Guys,
So, I have a Custom Build Desktop which was built in 2010 , 11 years ago and I currently use Windows 10 on it. Windows 10 runs horribly slow on my Desktop and I want an OS for it and which OS is better than Zorin OS for this purpose. I have tested Zorin OS through my USB Stick and it made my Desktop super-fast but, still I'm skeptical about the version which I should install on my Desktop. Kindly guide me on this matter.

My Desktop specs-
CPU- Intel i3-540
GPU- Intel HD Graphics (Clarkadale)
HDD- 500GB
Make of Computer- Custom Build Desktop in 2010

Though a later model, I am running on i3 CPU daily. Really, Zorin OS Lite would be fine on your machine.
I would actually not go for Linux Mint... But other alternatives like Antix or MXLinux, would run just as well.

When I got the little Toughbook, (low end specs) I did a lot of Distro hopping at the time, thinking I would move away from Zorin and find a good fast lightweight OS that gave me the fewest problems. I tried Peppermint, MX, Solydk, Lubuntu... It's a long list of Dsitros I tried on it.
The last Distro I tried was the winner - by far. It outperformed all the rest by miles in every category and is still installed and running on that machine.

Zorin OS.


Until recently I was using an Acer laptop with 4 GB RAM and a Celeron N2840 processor. It came with Windoze (naturally.) I've tried a number of distros on it - Mint, Peppermint, MX Linux, Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE and Lubuntu (and probably a few others I've since forgotten.) But the best OS has been Zorin Lite. Even on those relatively puny specs it ran snappily.


I would also remove the hdd and install a ssd to gain more performance.

Yes. On old pc ssd is salvation for the computer.

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That is the first thing I do when I get my hand on the old machines :slight_smile:
It is equally effective (if not more effective) than increasing RAM.

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Yeah, this Desktop initially had 4GB of RAM but I upgraded it to 8GB recently.

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