Which Video Editor To Use?

Really did not want to put this in Help as it is more of a question about the use of video editors. I have a dashcam in my car and would like to do simple video editing. What I mostly need is to be able to put a "box" around a license plate and zoom in to see the plate number. Not that I turn folks into the police but for testing how well different cameras can pick up a plate and other small objects, animals, etc. at different approaching vehicle/object speeds.

Thus, those that have some experience in these video editors I would appreciate your input and advice.



I do not do any video editing, so I cannot say what might offer that functionality.
But Openshot and Kdenlive seem to be top picks for Linux Video Editing software mentioned on this forum.

A video editor may not always be able to do that. In some ways it will depend on how good your dashcam's resolution is or what it has been set to. I did have to use zoom feature in video player once to establish verification of a vehicle. It was blurry but I managed to get a couple of guesses. For video editing in general I would always plump for KDEnlive.

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Okey dokey ... I will give KDEnlive a shot. :slight_smile:

It would have been nice to use Power Director but it is Windows and Mac only. PD might work on WINE but I am slowly working my way to WINE and have not reached that point yet. :slight_smile:

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