Which VM do you prefer?

A simple question. Which VM do you prefer to run other distros or OSs?

  • Vitual VM
  • Boxes
  • VmWare
  • Virtual Machine Manager
  • QEMU
  • other

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I voted for Virtual Machine Manager.

I also voted for Virtual Machine Manager.

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I voted for other. I use virtualbox which wasn't listed. I will look into some other options though.

It depends what you want using. Virtual box is most simply qemu-kvm is more advance and best for macos. I used both virtualbox and qemu-kvm
I reading also one type vm working better on linux and another working better on another operating systems. Boxes never used - don't understand maybe never heard, i remember one time trying using and don;t know what is going on. VmWare i was using on both operating systems very nice and good this i remember i used to create full copy hard disk to image.

Hummmm .... :thinking: ....... would Cardboard Box be listed under Other ..... :grinning: ..... I know nothing about those other boxes ...... but then I lead a sheltered life ..... :rofl:

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Frogs virtual boxing! (Oops! Wrestling!)

Bro Minutes GIF

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On a serious note, I migrated to Virt-Manager after moving to Devuan - you can import Virtual Box .vhd files into Virt-Manager and the screen resolution of a VM in Virt-Manager gives the impression of a metal install, unlike Virtual Box. USB 3.0 better supported in Virt-Manager too!


It was movie microcosmos. Very nice music and movie.

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