White Spaces on the very top (between tabs and the very top of the screen)

I use Chrome (the browser) a lot. Is there a way to remove the white spaces between the very many Chrome tabs and the very top of the screen, just like Windows?



I use Firefox.

Can you provide a screenshot?

Have you tried looking at the chrome://flags options?

Have you considered looking for an extension for Chrome that will hide the "white spaces" you're seeing?

The very few seemingly helpful sites I was able to pull up in a google/reddit search mentioned something called "top chrome". Is that the name of what you're looking for? Can you explain how you made this happen during your experience with Windows' version of Chrome?

thanks.. i found the answer.

Chrome Settings:

Appearance : Use System title bar and borders

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Moved thread to General Help and marked your post as solution.

The reason: While technically, you can consider this a Customization, it is not about you creating or applying a customization, but about using an existing configuration setting.
Hopefully, your marked solution can help others.


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