Why a popular distro?

I noticed that popular sites advertise distributions that are corporations and companies in the most recommended. What is it related to? Who is behind it? Besides, how are they able to count the popularity of a distribution? They count from downloads or some built-in telemetry applications?

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We've had discussions about this many times on the forum, I believe you are talking about DistroWatch yes? Ya well, DistroWatch isn't any real science, its a hit counter. Anyone who is smart, is not going to consider DistroWatch the forgone authority on serious reviews.

IMO, if your looking for serious reviews of Linux OS's, your gonna have to look for them on Youtube. Hit counters can be easily manipulated by having a gang of bots, or a thousand people clicking on a page all at once, to inflate the numbers, and make it look big.

But Youtube results cannot be manipulated, its because Youtube reviews is not a hit counter based system. With Youtube, you simply go to the site, look up reviews for OS's, and then you get to the nitty gritty, and see what really is good, or is total garbage lol.

I am sure there are other sites like DistroWatch too. But again, don't be fooled on what people have clicked on the most, and therebye inflating the numbers, just to get the OS high up on the leaderboards.

You need to go by actual hard data, read or watch full detailed reviews. Either that, or you test the OS's yourself, but thats taking a gamble you may not want lol. Up to you on what you want to do. But I figured you'd be happy with Zorin OS 16?

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I talking on any linux example best distribution linux in 2021,2022. Distrowatch i know this is some science-fiction.

It usually a guy or two that view their opinion on their channel on Youtube, what they think is best.

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Or Tech Articles in general... Some are worth reading; some are not. All are worth taking with a grain of salt.

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For me it getting confuse because some that journalist news are focus on good sides but not to much talking about stability,problems and etc. I heard good product don't need to be advertised.


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