Why can't i add more than 2 start -up applications

Hi, so i have noticed this problem since i first got Zorin (Zorin OS 15 Ultimate) and across multiple devices everytime i have like 5 programs i want to open at Startup but when ever i input all the programs close and open the Start Up Controller again it takes away all the programs expect the last 2 i added so how do i get it to boot all my programs at start up?

PS i get all my info i use in Start-Up at the "Main Menu" app

From this:

To this:

So why doesnt Zorin save my programs?

So I found a Solution thats pretty simple if you open Software and search "AutoStart" you will get a working version of the app that is easier to use (also you can only open it from the "Launch" button in Software) [See pictures below] also if you wish you can uninstall the original "Startup Applications"

The invisible Blank solved his own issue. Where is Blank, I can't find Blank, he's completely invisible. I think Blank is using his Moktar Stealth Haze.

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