Why can't I update after installation?

Whats going on!! Fresh install zorin pro 16, multiple errors on updater... cant connect to ppa....cant establish connection to servers etc.....

if I go sudo apt-get update, I get this error: "could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock"

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sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock

If this occur again, re-installation is recommended since at this stage, you will not lose much. Quite often start over is easier than trying to fix a problematic installation.


Also, APT can only handle One operation holding a lock at a time. Please be sure that you do not have another terminal open that is running apt. Be sure that you do not have Software Store open or Synaptic or another package manager open when you run a terminal APT command.


Hummmm ..... that sure sounds familiar .... I believe you told me that when I had 5-6 things all opened at the same time .... hard to break old Win habits .... but I'm learning .... LOL


Windows is far less secure... and we all see the result. They do not want to try to break their own users habits, so are instead trying the workaround of locking users down with new Restrictions on Win11 to make the hardware do the work that should be done by the human brain.


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