Why can't wallpaper be easily disabled?

I wanted to make the background completely black, so I asked the ducks and wrote the following XML and placed it in ~/.local/share/gnome-background-properties. But why is there no option to not use wallpaper in the GUI?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE wallpapers SYSTEM "gnome-wp-list.dtd">
    <name>Solid Black</name>
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No need to do all that, Just go to desktop settings and where the ratio is writen (streched,zoomed etc) above random Wallpaper Checkbox select none.


@anon6471198 I don't see any such setting in Zorin OS Core 16.1.

Sorry that's for xfce, my fault😅


This looks like a retrograde step caused by our 'friends' at Canonical - no such issue with Zorin 15.x!

Here is the solution:


@swarfendor437 Simplicity is necessary to be user-friendly, but our friends who force us to put up wallpaper aren't friendly.

Exactly, another fail by Canonical which Zorin has no control over.

Another reason why Team Zorin should move to Plasma!

Had another thought, more likely to be Gnome!

And partner it with LXQt over xfce:

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You can also just create a black .png or .jpg wallpaper and set that as your default.
As I recall the Zorin Core settings, click on Backgrounds and select the Black wallpaper you had placed in the directory and it will become your new wallpaper.
You can place wallpapers anywhere - just select where the system needs to look for them. I use ~/Pictures/backgrounds
The default is /usr/share/backgrounds


@Aravisian Indeed, that method is easy, but somehow sad... :disappointed:

On Cinnamon Desktop and XFCE, if you go with No Wallpaper, you end up with a black blank background...

@Aravisian I am interested in Cinnamon, but am wondering if there is any functionality that is lost when it is replaced from Gnome.

Well... ummm...

My opinion...
Is that Gnome is the Least Functional Desktop. It lacks the features most others have and feels incomplete. Users must add a lot of extensions just to get it on par with other full-featured desktops like KDE, XFCE, LXDE or Cinnamon.

The ZorinGroup added a multitude of extensions to the Core version of Zorin OS, in order to make it what it is. For example, in most other distros that use Gnome D.E., right clicking the Gnome panel does nothing and offers no settings or configurations whatsoever. Gnome removed all of that.
Zorin added it back in.

@Aravisian I see. I like the Zorin OS Core UI and hope that developers choose the most efficient DE that can implement it.

I am not sure what you associate with the UI in order to adequately address that...

@Aravisian It is difficult to describe design in words... If I had to use them, I would say it is a flat, minimalist design. And Intellihide in multi-display is useful.

That description suits Gnome desktop.
So, it seems a good fit, there.

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That really isn't acceptable for someone with low vision. Yet another Gnome fail.

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As another member pointed out to me, LXDE is a defunct project, superceded by LXQt. And before I get pulled up on my spelling that is the correct UK English spelling of superceded.

Experimenting, I have made Cinnamon desktop look flat and Minimalist, as well. I am not sure if the Cinna-panel has inteli-hide...
---OK I just checked, yes the panel has Auto-hide and Intelli-hide, too.

LXDE-gtk3, however, is not. :wink:
I have tried it out and found it surprisingly very good. I did, however, combine it with XFWM4 in order to get away from the tiny window borders and to have a better managed panel. But the LXDE-gtk3 desktop was quite usable and nice. Easy to customize and worked well with modern themes.

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