Why choose Zorin OS16 Pro from another distribution?

Why some youtubers sayed another distribution are better from Zorin OS?
Where is the point? It is about package where users can used or some software what are stable and have a long support?
It could be behind what corporation paying another what users using application or another package? Sometimes I heard I used this linux OS because there are better support and application what users need like MX Linux or Manjaro for forward users clients. I wondering what Zorin can do that this operative system could be on top 10 because Mx Linux isn't old software and very popular. Distrowatch is webside how much ppl using some distribution. I know Zorin is diffrent from another because have many GUI design but can also used some Pop design what is configurable. If Zorin could be configurate on any system linux with some package what build on the same kernel then the winner is Zorin but more people sayed Debian is more stable from Ubuntu. I would like find the balance and what Zorin 16 Pto can offer from another linux distribution what they never catch and never find?

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I too have wondered something similar in regards to the little publicity given to Zorin Os.
Usually when talking about an easy distribution for Windows newcomers Linux Mint is mentioned and not Zorin Os. When you look at its place in the Distrowatch list you can see that its best position is at number 12, it doesn't make it into the top five.
Its difficulties to move up may be due to several reasons: the delay in releasing new versions (although Elementary Os also has this problem, but, at least in Distrowatch it is better positioned), the poor communication, especially with its community, the problems presented by the Gnome desktop in terms of its malleability (Cinnamon is much more flexible).
Maybe Zorin Os needs to incorporate more of its own tools (create a Gnome fork?), improve communication with the community, hire more developers so that its different versions do not take so long to be released.

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I choose Zorin OS because of its performance, stability and usability across many devices.

It is human nature to purport "the Best". Our minds develop and have developed a certain way and so we like to categorize things and compare them.
Some may have noted on here that I speak often of how good Linux Mint, MXLinux and other distros are. I observe better performance that is important to me on Zorin OS, but I cannot say that Zorin OS is the Best Distro. Others may disagree based on what is important to them like cutting edge drivers.

To my way of thinking it is the best thing out there right now for Windows newcomers.
It is stable, fast, very complete, easy to use and with a familiar environment. It is true that it does not have many customization options but I think that is one of its strengths. The newcomer comes from Windows, an operating system that practically lacks tools in this regard.
To this we must add that it comes with wine already installed, so it makes it easier for novices.
It is true that it is not perfect, but no operating system is.

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For me ofc for good distro is important support, forum, friendly community, devs communication with community. In this case, we heard only twice from Zorin devs in last 6 months..
In that way they can expect lot new users. Even old in meantime can find new distro.
For example for me good distros with good support , community and forum are Endeavour os, Manjaro, Solus, Fedora

The first time I tried using Linux in 2017 was Zorin OS. Because it has complete software (without the need to install it first), has several layouts, easy to use, safer than viruses, more smoothly fast and have similarities with Windows for new users who want to use Linux for the first time. :smiley:

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I liked Zorin because this OS is not schematic like another Linux.

Yes that is true because many channel on youtube sayed what you wroted. Maybe with new version Zorin 16 OS Pro. I know also the 16 version is very diffrent from 15.3

This comment sparked my interest because I did an Internet search last Winter when I was trying to find a distro that would be easy for Windows users. I remember that I kept seeing Zorin OS show up on the lists. I checked this morning, and this is what I found:

Search "best linux for windows users 2021" returns:

(1) "Best Linux distros of 2021 for beginners, mainstream and advanced users" [techradar PRO] lists Zorin OS as "Best distro for Windows users".

(2) "Best Linux Distribution for Windows Users in 2021 [Fossmint] lists (in order): Zorin OS, Ubuntu Budgie, Xbuntu, Solus OS, Deepin, Linux Mint, Robolinux, Chalet OS, BackSlash, Pearl OS.

(3) "5 of the Best Linux Distros for Windows Users in 2021" [maketecheasier] lists (in order): Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Robolinux, Solus OS, Zorin OS.

(4) "The 12 Best Linux Distributions for Windows Users" [MajorGeeks] lists (in order): Zorin OS, Solus OS, Linuxfx, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Diamond Linux-TT, Parrot OS, PCLinuxOS, Linux Lite, PinguyOS, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS.

(5) "Best Linux distros for Windows users in 2021" [techradar PRO] lists (in order): Deepin Linux, elementary OS, Solus, Zorin OS

(6) "10 Best Linux Distros for Windows 10 Users in 2021" [techviral] lists (in order): Robolinux, Linux Mint, ChaletOS, Zorin OS, Kubuntu, Manjaro, Linux Lite, OpenSUSE Leap, Solus OS, Feren OS

(7) "5 Best Linux Distro for Windows users as alternatives - 2021" [H2S Media] lists (in order): Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Linuxfx, Solus OS, Feren OS

I also did a search for "best linux for beginners 2021" with similar results. Zorin OS was listed in four of the first five articles listed in the search. I didn't check beyond those five articles.


It occurs to me that many people may not narrow the search to "Best Linux Distro for Windows Users."
After reading this thread, I decided to simplify the search. I tried "Best Linux Distro" and clicked the first seven links. Six of them mentioned Zorin OS. One article mentioned Zorin OS repeatedly, once as a recommendation and several times as an honorable mention to categories another distro was awarded.
Elive was not mentioned even once in any of them.
Then, I tried "most popular Linux Distro"
This had different results. The first two hits both promoted Zorin OS heavily, but after that, Zorin OS was not mentioned at all by the remaining articles (I skipped two of them as they had been introduced on the "Best Linux Distro" search). However, it is noteworthy that most of those articles focused on Ubuntu, Debian, Arch and other Primary O.S. builds. They did not mention any of the smaller distros. Lifewire actually gave some statistical data to support their article...Which is very RARE in these "tech" articles... And much appreciated by me as I get tired of wading through Politic-Manipulated opinions rather than any actual science. It did not, however, mention Zorin OS. It based its conclusions on the rankings given by users on Distrowatch.

Depending on how you run your search, Zorin OS will likely be mentioned. Some articles give it glowing reviews. Some mention it in passing. A few neglect it entirely. One thing that stands out, though, is that Zorin OS is consistently not the First Listed Distro anywhere.
This is where the dichotomy in human thinking can really kick in.
There are many people (many) who will take a fast look, then choose the First On The List. Period. Which is interesting as this falls under "easy" and Zorin OS is geared toward "easy."
Yet, all other contenders that Zorin OS is listed against are supported by larger teams. Even MX Linux has a larger team, though still a small one. Zorin OS is the only consistent mention that is developed and supported by a Tiny Team.
That Zorin OS is offered almost as often as Ubuntu, Mint, MX Linux and others in spite of it being like Planet Pluto standing next to Jupiter, Saturn and Hafþór Björnsson is impressive - IF you know that Zorin OS is a tiny team, anyway. Either way, the distro has climbed steadily in position over the last three or four years, moreso than many that have steadier placement - and some of the other distros have slid backward in use and popularity. Like Manjaro. Sometimes, being high on the list sets expectations that if not met by even a milimeter - gets you dropped.
Zorin OS can only support so many users without the development team seeing growth - they can only handle so many Help Tickets.
Tomscharbach makes a very good point- Zorin OS seems well represented, even if it is smaller. It also is not First Listed, which is all that matters to some.
And it may even be in the Right Place to really compete - if it was more popular with greater demand, it may break the ZorinGroups back.

That doesn't surprise me. Market share is both circular and self-sustaining. Distros that are popular get more mention than those that aren't.

Distrowatch tracks about 250 distros, and that is far too many for anyone to sort through or even look into. When I was looking for a distro that would be easy for Windows users to adapt to, I ignored the outliers because there is something to be said for popularity versus obscurity.

Distrowatch, incidentally, identifies "Major Distributions" with this explanation:

The bewildering choice and the ever increasing number of Linux distributions can be confusing for those who are new to Linux. This is why this page was created. It lists 10 Linux distributions (plus an honourable mention of FreeBSD, by far the most popular of all of the BSDs), which are generally considered as most widely-used (directly or indirectly) by Linux users around the world. There are no figures to back it up and there are many other distributions that might suit your particular purpose better, but as a general rule, all of these are popular and have very active forums or mailing lists where you can ask questions if you get stuck.

Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and MX Linux are considered the easiest for new users who want to get productive in Linux as soon as possible without having to master all its complexities. On the other end of the spectrum, Arch Linux, Gentoo, and Slackware Linux are more advanced distributions that require plenty of learning before they can be used effectively. openSUSE, Fedora, Debian GNU/Linux can be classified as good "middle-road" distributions which are often used as the basis for other distributions.

Distrowatch rankings might correlate to popularity, or might not. Distrowatch says that the rankings "are a light-hearted way of measuring the popularity of Linux distributions" among visitors to the Distrowatch website, and "correlate neither to usage nor to quality and should not be used to measure the market share of distributions".

I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover that the "corporate" distributions (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE ...) are lower-ranked in Distrowatch rankings than in actuality (that is, seriously undercounted) because a institutional user might deploy many hundreds of seats at a time without being reflected in the Distrowatch rankings. Nonetheless, Distrowatch rankings are just about the only statistical base available, however flawed it might be as a indication of actual usage.

My guess is that many/most people thinking about moving from Windows to Linux hear about Linux through the grapevine, asking friends for recommendations. I don't have anything to back that up other than gut feel.

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I agree with all of this. I was not suggesting that the Lifewire article or that Distrowatch are purely scientific: Rather that at least they take some approach to be scientific instead of handing a totally unsupported opinion to the reader as most articles do.

I can sayed one good product don't must be advertised.
Example I am myself. Started from 7 then go forward with versions Ultimate.
I will buying 16 PRO because I liked this system is diffrent and not to difficult to learn. That what I wroted before why some people using another operating systems. Because they have some package or software what users need to office or something else where astern sitting corporation. We know also on Zorin working only two brothers Artyom and Kirill. For me when working two people on one linux distribution for me must be more stable. I know when I buying new Zorin 16 PRO i will get black screen and problems with graphic cards.
Then i will be here with you to get support step by step.