Why did they have to ruin Gnome?

Zorin should go back to the old version. Maybe they could update and maintain it. It would give them an edge over other distros and set them apart.


Just seeing how many issues/glitches GNOME Software throws so often and partial translations don't make me feel it completely reliable. The new version I see on 17.1 isn't much better, the look/layout is cool but still has certain problems with buttons or showing the actual state of downloads/updates, one of the 2 :person_shrugging:.

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I also prefer the gnome version on 16 over the one on 17. Vertical workspaces and applications menu does feel more intuitive to navigate with a vertical mouse wheel... also the right click and other menus had a moderate amount of spacing that felt and looked good. The one on the new version may benefit touchscreens, but I'd say that adding it as a feature that can be enabled for touchscreen users instead of making it like that for desktop users as well would have been a better way to approach this...

I do prefer the new gnome software version: less bugs, more information, slightly more intuitive. But this isn't the gnome software that belongs to the gnome 43 that zorin uses. It's from gnome 45. I wonder if the effort to backport it to the gnome version used on 16 would be much bigger than it was for bringing it to gnome 43?

I personally agree with the suggestion. This is exactly how desktops like cinnamon were made: forking and maintaining an old gnome version and adding their own features to it to make it look and behave like they wanted instead of accepting every change that they may or may not like from mainstream gnome

When support for v16 ends, I will be tempted to just use Debian or Fedora with Dash to Panel and ArcMenu since I will be stuck with the new Gnome anyway. Never could get comfortable with Plasma and Mint is just too ugly.

PS, I wish somebody would bring back the old Workspace Indicator extension. I just want the number that I can put my cursor on and scroll.

Debian 12 uses Gnome 43, too. So, if You want a more modern Gnome Version Fedora should be a better Choice.

I want to keep the OLD version I'm using now, GNOME Shell 3.38.4.

by the time support for Z16 ends, I don't think any distro that is actively mantained will have a gnome version lower than 40. If you don't like plasma, cinnamon nor newer gnome, you could give a try to other desktops, like xfce, lxqt, mate, unity...

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You'll notice stock Gnome doesn't have real wallpapers, it has graphic designs. This is because it is always zooming and scrolling. And it needs Blur My Shell to get rid of the ugly blank borders.

Honestly, I'll probably use Zorin 16 until next year and then try Deepin.

Well there is quite a choice of others, PCLinuxOS mainstream has Plasma, MATE, and xfce. Community spins include Trinity (early KDE desktop):

A mainstream distro that uses Trinity, Q4OS:

Other PCLinuxOS Community spins include Enlightenment DE and LXQt.

Or take a look at GhostBSD which uses MATE and is similar in style to Gnome2:

(Share your desktop, what does it look like? - #2753 by swarfendor437)

There is also Ubuntu Cinnamon:

Some people were concerned the difference between Zorin 16 and 17 to be significant with the Gnome upgrade, but I feel that did not happen. There may have been a big loss for those who used extensions extensively, but I can use 17 just as well as I did 16.