Why did you choose zorin_os?

My responses were in respect of past 20 years and sadly does not cover all the ones I have tried and ones gone by the wayside:
Knoppix 2.9, Mandrake 10.0, Freespire 1 and Freespire 2 (Freespire was better than Knoppix when it came to recognising hardware peripherals needed for data recovery!), Linspire 5.5 Live, Xandros 4.0, Wolvix, Wolvix Cub, Gentoo 10.0 Anniversary edition, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, DreamLinux, PCLinuxOS (default language was en-US - If I changed it to en-GB it would lose wifi!), Mandriva, Berry Linux, E-Live, Slax, Foresight Linux, Vinux, Musix, Epidemic, AV Linux, Vector Linux, SolydX, SolydK, antiX, Mepis, Sabayon, Artix KDE, SuSE Linux 9.3 Professional, UltimateEdition, OpenGEU, gNewSense, WattOS, deepin, Ututo, Feather Linux, LXLE, Solus (least said soonest mended), Sparky Linux, Q4OS, Puppy, MacPup, Bodhi, Peppermint, Makulu Lindoz, Linuxfx, Voyager, Mageia, EmmabuntĂŒs, Trisquel, PearOS, FerenOS, Linux XP, Lycoris, eAR OS, Rosa, Peach, Pearl, MacLinux, CentOS 6.0.

PC-BSD, Haiku, AROS (Amiga Research OS), ReactOS, Midnight BSD, Amiga Forever.


Hummmmm ..... I don't see Lindos in there any where or maybe I just missed it ..... I did try it many years ago but never could get my head around it .... so I checked Zorin as my one and only Linux OS to successfully navigate and I'm still here .... :+1: :grinning:

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Zorin is more simple from gentoo or slackware and another distrributions like mandriva. Besides what is best learning linux on Zorin distribution.
Today my new setup pc little updated.

Perhaps you meant Makulu Lindoz, or did you mean Lindows? Have rectified the fact that I did try Makulu Lindoz as I just added Lindoz to Makulu. Was good to begin with but has become too Google centric, like Peppermint, which is why I won't go anywhere near them. Never tried Lindows but used its successor Linspire community version, Freespire.

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Yes thanks for the correction ..... it was Lindows and I am a lifetime member it was real cheap back then but I don't even know if it still exists ..... it was kinda hard for me to so I dropped it like a hot potato .....

I Have been using Linux since about 1999 and distro hopping all along I have also gone back and forth to windows (xp & 7) were solid canidates. But I have settled on Zorin and paid for pro because it is built on a robust platform (Ubuntu/debian) and has a sleek modern UI with plenty of tweaks and enhancments. I find gaming works oob just as well as popOS it has libraries of Ubuntu, you can Google most issues and if you can't the Zorin team is great, and if they can't solve it, there are Ubuntu gurud who can.


Lindows was founded by Michael Robertson who was taken to court by M$ over the name being too close to Windows. They lost the case and had to pay Robertson $10,000 dollars. With this money he launched Linspire. It was the second distribution I ran after Mandrake, the free Community Edition, Freespire. The desktop was gorgeous. I particularly liked the shiney Firefox icon. I upgraded to Freespire 2.0 when it came out. There was a security issue with the system, both paid and free in that when you created your user account, the first one, you were automatically 'root' as well so when I reinstalled I created an admin account first and for my account made myself a standard user. You should really do this on Zorin too.
What was really annoying is the developer employed specifically on polishing "Click'n'Run" had done an excellent job of ironing out the App installer when Robertson, with no consultation with other board directors who had invested money/held shares, sold it off to Xandros, now also defunct. About a few years ago, Black Lab Linux resurrected Linspire which you have to pay for, but also relaunched Freespire. I tried it and it is a very bland xfce experience compared to the original.



Not available as blacklab linux wound up in 2018:

But someone is still maintaining it and offering KDE. Must give it a try:

Interestingly they have blocked snapd as a security issue.

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Hey they were pretty smart even way back then .... :sob: :sob: :stuck_out_tongue:

I take it it is to late to do that now with out reinstalling the entire Zorin OS .... ?????

No that is this year, March 2022 if you read that link I posted. They also have dropped Google Chrome in favour of falkon browser.
You can still get a copy of Lindows from the software collection at Internet Archive:

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I would back up all critical data first, create a new user that has administration rights, update the system, reboot and login to the admin account to see all is ok. Then go to users and change yourself from administrator to 'standard'. Then update and reboot. When you login as yourself if you try to install something from software it should pop up a window with the admin account name asking you to enter the password for that account in order to proceed. Same when you launch Synaptic.

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Thanks .... sorry but I was reading up a bit on falkon browser ..... interesting but I don't use Snap or flatpak ....

Just double checked (re Freespire) it was not another doggy linux distro and discovered this ancient nugget:

Have updated my list, forgot I had installed CentOS 6.0 briefly at one point, plus the weirdness of PCLinuxOS (PCLOS) that if you changed the default locale you lost wifi!

Neither do I!

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I am addicted with Zorin. :slight_smile: many years the same gui layout exactly know where is it and how working things. Changing pc without buying pc key windows. That is ok.

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