Why do I see only 2 layouts in Zorin Appearance? (Zorin Lite Desktop)

I installed Zorin OS Lite desktop in Zorin 16 Core for trying it out.
I did that using the synaptic package manager.
Everything went fine. and I could get into Zorin Lite desktop. However, I see only 2 layouts in Zorin Appearance. I can see all the layouts in Zorin Core (GNOME) desktop.

Please explain what's wrong.

Zorin OS 16 CORE has 4-layouts I believe, and Zorin OS 16 LITE has 2-layouts.

Zorin OS 16 PRO has 6-layouts I believe, and Zorin OS LITE PRO has 4-layouts.


Oh I did not know that.
Thank you for letting me know.

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Then what's this? The review by It's Foss shows 6 layouts in Zorin 16 Pro Lite.

Screenshot taken from YouTube...Shows a review by IT'S FOSS

I just found out; Zorin Pro Lite comes with 6 layouts but the free version comes with 2...Why though? Zorin Core gets 4..

It was the dev's decision, you will have to ask them. But one thing I know for sure, the dev's do want you to get something for supporting them. So you not only get extra layouts, but you also get more wallpapers, as well as installation support.

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