Why do NAS volumes show in Nautilus but not in the Open dialog?

Nautilus mounts my NAS volumes without a problem. Why won't the Open dialog inside an application show them.

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If your app has been installed as Flatpak or SNAP, it cannot access to the external disks or the network. It is due to the sandboxing nature of Flatpak and SNAP.

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I believe if you want the drives to show up in the open dialogue window as well, you have to first Mount the drive. You can do so by opening the drive once in Nautilus.
Unlike Windows, all your drives are not mounted (to be read) on boot. But it is possible to do so.

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Completely forgot about that point!
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But thanks for clearing that up. Much appreciated.

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If you can tell me which application you wanted to use, I might be able to find a regular deb or apt installer for that.

And please note that Zaba pointed out that you can set them up to Automount.

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