Why does everything have to be so hard?

I love Zorin OS 16.3 pro for starters. The best part is being able to fix things so easily using the terminal. I don't know any codes, per se, but when I'm directed to type lines, I don't fear the outcome knowing it will prompt me or ask me questions if it's an unclear code. This is generally speaking, BTW.

When I have a question I start out by searching for an answer in the forum but then the info that comes back is from 2021 and I figure it's out of date now. Usually I get lost down a rabbit hole finding other things I would like addressed also and now I'm walking away with the original problem and new ones I need to address. It's all quite confusing!

I greatly appreciate the help I've gotten! It's the only way to get anywhere.

I could just do with a cleaner process for a novice so I can avoid the glitches.

I am going to start using a VPN. I've lost my ability to see the VPNs listed. That's the first problem.

I found one website by Fahad Ahmed from 2024 showing how to set up a VPN on Zorin. I don't know Fahad. I'm kind of sure he's probably a pretty nice guy who wouldn't want to steer anyone wrong. But the info is up to date.

I found a website by Zenarmor with detailed instructions on installing and running Wireguard. It is very detailed, did I mention? Who are they? I don't know.
So, thank you for listening to my ruminations.

With my setup of Zorin OS pro 16.3 I feel like I now have a new fast car to drive (and I love to drive fast) but there's something that prevents the gas pedal from going all the way to the floor. I feel cocky but then I come up against something that smells like my encounters with Windows or Google and I need to floor it to take avertive action, there's no response.

I know It's my problem, I took the Zorin OS on without knowing how to code but in my defense, I was sucked in by seeing all of the info on the internet saying it was able to be used by a novice.

Nice. Don't forget to update by next year. End of Life for the ZOS 16.3 is around April 2025. The ZOS 17 series is good until 2027. :v:

A learning curve always seems difficult at first. But as a person learns, things get easier.
As I have branched out into other Distros due to Zorin OS dropping support for Zorin OS Lite, I have hit a new learning curve.

And I am enjoying every bit of it.

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using a vpn is as easy as choosing one and installing it and leaving it on all the time if you so prefer.
best ones are paid versions. I myself use windscribe free version where you get 10Gig a month of traffic . I only use it when downloading torrents now and again .
Also ,one doesn't need to know how to code or be a pro user to use linux or zorin os.
I departed (lol) windows some years ago and just jumped into linux without knowing a single command . One learn as you go ...it's fun ,for me at least.

Another thing i can recommend when using ZorinOS or researching problems on ZorinOS. Is to result to google and simply go "how to fix /issue/ on Ubuntu 22.04"

You'll most likely hit a bigger spectrum of support related content. Seeing how Zorin is based on Ubuntu 22.04 :slight_smile:

But as many others have said, this all comes with a learning curve and it seems hard now. But the more you fiddle with it, the easier it gets. Hang in there!

Most VPN providers provide instructions on how to set this up for your particular distribution – as pointed above, Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu. They also should have a dedicated support team to help with these issues, so you can always try that. This isn't to say that you cannot ask here as well, but having more options is always a good thing.

Where are you at these days?

I too would like to know Aravisian where you are now. I'm disappointed to hear of the lack of support. That partly answers my question about the "old" posts when I search for answers maybe.
Another thing, I used Riseup for a while. It was easy to use but then I got the same problem with breaches and started searching for answers about Riseup and saw it connected to Google in some way so I ran away as fast as I could. I didn't save the info so I couldn't tell you where I read it. I know it was in the small print though.
I don't know how to put shaded boxes in my replies to address parts to different people so this will have to suffice for now.
And to omghixd, I am in Google rehab and the scars are just now going away. Just say NO to Google and Windows and Yahoo and Bing, etc., etc., etc.

As per the screenshot, all you have to do is highlight some text and a popup with options will show up. Select "quote" to use it in your reply.

Regarding support, this forum is available for the community and we're all here just trying to help each other the best we can.

The way VPNs work is by taking over the entire network stack and injecting themselves as an extra layer in between. If something goes wrong with the configuration for whatever reason (most commonly an update of some sort) there will be remnants left behind that are particularly tricky to troubleshoot. To add to this problem, each VPN client behaves differently, which is why reaching for support to the provider is the best option.
This is not limited to Zorin OS, I've had this problem with many other distributions and different desktop environments as well.
In my experience, a complete re-install of the VPN client is the most effective way of solving issues of this sort. However, even with this you need to be careful because if something is left behind then it might continue causing trouble.

It would be helpful to clarify this statement. You said that you were going to start using a VPN, but you also claim to have lost the ability to see them. The latter implies that you were already using one, which you've presumably configured somehow. Any more details that you can give us on this?

I did use Rise or Riseup or whatever it is called. I can't remember right now. I mentioned my problem with using it any further in my post. It wasn't about having trouble getting it to install.
Previously when I hit the Zorin logo on the bottom left and then chose settings in the list of options to the right it would bring up my system settings that included Network and choosing Wifi or others and then I could see the list of VPNs under the wired network part.
Now since I Killed the debian software by following the previous instructions because I couldn't get the software catalog to come up (here I go down the rabbit hole again)

I get the screenshot I attached. I don't know how to get back to the Internet settings to see the VPNs already on my system I can access.

I'm not familiar with Riseup myself, but after checking their site it looks like their client (the program you install) is available as one of two package formats: snap and .deb. The differences between them are not really important for this particular issue but the fact that you cannot find it in Settings -> Applications probably means you've installed the snap version.

We can verify this by running this in the terminal:

snap list

And looking for "riseup-vpn" (might be named slightly different). If you don't see it listed in there, try with:

which riseup-vpn

Either package format is fine and from the instructions on their site it seems like it should only be available as a snap package. In any case, just look for it inside the Software Store, uninstall it and install it again.

I can't say if this will be enough but it's a start. Do you recall which changes (if any) have you made to the system?

Since the O.P. of the thread asked, I can acknowledge this...
I won't list Distros, since I have done that already and so have others.
What I have been doing is a bit of analysis.
One thing about our presence on this forum is it exposes us to the comments, suggestions and complaints of many users. This applies on other distros as well.
Like Browsers, a common point is how you can never seem to find a system that supplies a general sense of having all you need. It seems to always be a trade off of features.
I have renewed my explorations into distro building to see if I can contribute to solutions to these types of problems... And this is the briefest answer I can give without totally hijacking a thread.