Why doesn't my Wifi appear on the list while all other wifi networks do?

My Wifi doesn't appear on the wifi network list and all the other
random WiFis do appear. It could connect before but suddenly it doesn't appear anymore on the list

Here's what i tried:
• Restarted both the router and PC
• Made sure that it's not a hidden network
• Could connect to the WiFi woth other devices such as a smartphone
• Tried running the command "sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager"

I really can't figure or narrow down what may be the cause. Kindly help!

I had a similar problem a while ago.

In my case, it was a mismatch between WiFi module and the Wifi channel. Our Wifi channel is set to less used channel 13 (which is possible here in France) but the WiFi module I bought at eBay was made for US market which was unable to detect any channel beyond 12.

I do not know if this is the case for you, but it might help to check the WiFi channel number (should be accessible through the router interface) and WiFi module model number by issuing the following command in terminal:

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Ok i see. Last time i remember, it was set to "Auto" for using channels. It may be using a channel that my Laptop doesn't support. So what should i do now? Lower the channel values? And this is what i got from lsusb

EDIT: Yes it worked, problem was the channel, my laptop was a bit old and didn't support channels 12+. THANKS!!

Glad to know that my suggestion worked!

It makes me feel good since I can finally return the favour Linux community has bestowed upon me over those years.

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