Why doesn't zorin os have torrents?

I would like to download Zorin os 16.1 to try it out but can't due to the slow server.
I normally download distros using torrents.
Why isn't this available?

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I asked myself the same question. Maybe no one in the group is familiar on how to create a torrent?

I just tried to download to see what you're talking about...may be your provider or local service as it was downloading at 35mb a second took under 12 mins pretty darn good

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Try to use a download manager to accelerate download speed

I just downloaded core in 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Not the fastest I've ever downloaded but certainly not slow.

I think your issue may be on your end and not so much the server Zorin is using.

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Often, if experiencing a slow download, it means a person has happened to try downloading during a Heavy Traffic Moment. I recommend waiting about fifteen minutes, then trying again.

I do not recommend using a download accelerator. They have been reported (a lot) to cause file corruption, which is not something you want on an .iso


Yes, you might experience it as fast, but someone on a limited network/bandwidth will take a long time to download and maybe not even in one session. That's why torrents are good for, you can download at your own pace in multiple goes.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have high bandwidth internet speeds.

Understood but how many have paid 100's for a disk/download of M$ or Apple and how long did it take to update / select apps? And come on it's free (but I know people feel entitled to have everything that the big companies provide for a cost for free thinking ) and if you live in a place that doesn't offer / or have a slower connection your use to slow torrents (which can take hours and hours) or other software taking longer to obtain. It's not the fault of others because they have different speeds or access. The world is a not level playing field. I have learned that you must work with what you have in life and deal with it. I have lived in many countries and was born/ raise in Germany, Can remember with dial up and having to over and over attempt installs


The time it took you to reply, it would have taken you to create the torrent file. Just saying.


And in turn, since you're so concerned about those with limited bandwidth, you could have done the same.

That's neither my nor anyone else's problem. The world doesn't revolve around those who have slow bandwidth. I get so tired of this old and tired mantra... Nobody said life was fair.

And what did they do when they were putting Windows on their system and updating that?

It's a free OS, nobody is owed anything.

It's not a problem for me to create a torrent, the issue is "who am I to deliver this torrent to the people"? It has to come from the Zorin team.

WOW..... how this has become a toxic topic in such short amount of time and posts.

It is indicative of a repeated frustration.
It is not unusual that a user pushes a request that is a preference that some of us on this forum encounter over and over again. The "Torrent" suggestion is one such.
It may be that the ZorinGroup should consider that as an option, given that it is oft-requested.

There are, however, good reasons to not provide a torrent; the primary being user safety and Piracy.
While many distros are free all across the board, often supported by specific sponsorship, donations, etc. Zorin OS is supported by an offered "Pro" version.

The torrent must be updated and actively maintained alongside the standard download method. It must be vetted, which is more difficult. This adds additional added steps that the Two-Person ZorinGroup must add to an extensive list of things to do.
And while that may seem like only a small amount of work, (It kind of is, and it kind of isn't), every bit of work you add to the ZorinGroup takes its toll. The efficiency and efficacy of suggestions should be weighed carefully.
With a standard download method already in place that works; adding another seems superfluous.

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