Why has Aegisub stopped working in Zorin 16?

Back in February 2024 I was successfully using Aegisub to do subtitles for mp4 videos. Now, in June 2024, Aegisub crashes when I try to open an mp4 video file - even those same videos that I worked on in February.

At some point I upgraded to Zorin 16 - and I cannot remember if this upgrade happened before or after the last time I successfully used Aegisub. I have found other subtitling programs in the Zorin Software manager but many of them have issues: Gnome subtitles shows only scrambled video (the audio is ok). Subtitle composer shows no video at all (but the audio is ok). Subtitld seems to lack a button to allow me to open a video file (a strange omission for a subtitling program...). Subtitle Edit seems to be OK, I'm still getting used to it, but it's not nearly as functional as Aegisub. Can anyone pinpoint what the issue could be? I have uninstalled and reinstalled Aegisub too, but the problem remains - it crashes when I try to open mp4 files.

It looks like the last release was in 2014 so it's likely some dependency of the project is no longer compatible . You can also report the issue on their bug tracker and see if they can help with this.

Reading through a few of the issues reported there was a user who managed to create an AppImage package of the software – an AppImage is a Linux package format that bundles all the dependencies necessary to run so it doesn't depend on system libraries.

But first, a mandatory disclaimer and reminder that is not distributed by the official project and should you decide to try it, you do so at your own risk:

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Thanks, I found that bug page after I posted, and I was so surprised I didn't quite believe it, but I guess you must be right. :frowning:

I was also surprised when I saw it, considering the amount of bug reports it seems like there's quite a community around it. I'm sure someone else must have run into this already and has a solution so it won't hurt to ask anyway.

You can also use a virtual machine, or even a separate computer, with an older operating system where this runs smoothly.