Why i can't transfer sound of phone calls to pc over wifi?

I'm using scrcpy, it's amazing app, i can mirror my phone to pc , and i can get sound from all media in my phone to pc by sndcpy, but i can't get sound of phone calls to pc, i found other talking about doing that over bluetooth , i wish if i can do that over wifi, because i have old pc and i don't want to buy dongle,anyone have idea about that?

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If you can't send the file neither with that software nor Zorin Connect you can upload it on a website with the phone and then get it with your pc, use Google Drive or even create a draft on Gmail (or other mail service), attach the file on the draft and then when you access with your pc you can download the attachment. With sound of phone calls do you mean ringtones? Maybe they are protected against copy and share.

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