Why I chose Zorin for my MacBook Pro!

Iv'e used Apple since 1987 and a proud owner of an original Macintosh with the signatures of Steve Jobs and the Team embossed inside the casing. But Apple left my ageing but superb MacBook Pro behind years ago so I switched to Linux. I'm guilty of Distro hopping a lot in a search for a Distro and UI that I find familiar and found Gnome to my liking. However the direction that Gnome is taking is too prescriptive and the current Gnome 46 on Fedora 40 and Ubuntu 24.04 using GTK4 is so full of display issues that they are unusable! My fall-back was always Mint but it too is having issues with GTK4 Apps and even Online Accounts! At least the Mint Team have recognised this and Mint 22 is expected to deal with this by developing Xapps. However, I just don't get enthused using my MacBook with Mint onboard... It feels and looks stale and clunky and my Mac deserves better! Such a joy to install Zorin 17.1... fresh, bristling with polish, solid as a rock and as functional and customizable as I need... all at the touch of a button. So Zorin, don't rush to chase the latest Gnome version or kernel for that matter. Just continue to deliver what a Distro should be!