Why is Launchpad claiming Hirsute (21.04) is Obsolete?

When uploading to Launchpad, the files were rejected on the grounds of:

hirsute is obsolete and will not accept new uploads

I'm confused.
I can upload to Bionic and Focal, no problem.

Bionic and Focal are both LTS releases and 21.04 is a development release with a 9 month lifecycle.

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See, this shows how little I know... I thought that ".04" noted longer term and ".10" was developmental release. Guess I am using too much Zorin and not enough Ubuntu.

I have read tons of your posts and you are doing a great job considering your time using linux.

The only way I remember is that LTS are only released in years with an even number ie 2018, 2020, and the upcoming 2022.

I have days where I am not quite sure what month it is so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself :grinning:

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I have days where I am not quite sure what day it is. Everyday is groundhog day :grinning:


Count yourself lucky then, eh? :wink: