Why is the software center slow?

Not sure if it is because of my internet, but when I try to install apps it is really slow and the file size is not that big. Even when searching for apps in the search bar it takes a little bit to load the results. Also, why is the download size bigger than the installed size?

The software center has some problems. it is laggy buggy etc.
It is not the fault of Zorin; it is the fault of the gnome development team that the software center is unpolished.
You can use synaptic a better alternative for gnome software
to install it run

sudo apt install synaptic -y

in the terminal


Thanks. Is there a way to make the software center any faster?

No, I don't think so.
You would need to wait until Zorin OS 17 to get the new software center ,because it is faster but only works with gnome 40 and higher versions and isn't included in the Ubuntu 20.04 repo that Zorin 16 is based on.


Everything you said here tells me that the package in question was a Flatpak or Snap package.
On the package in question, in the software store, you will see a button appear on the Upper Right Side of the headerbar marked Source.
Click that to see if the source is Zorin (Standard apt .deb package) or if it is Flatpak or Snap.

Flatpak and Snap are double sandboxed and will carry all dependencies with it, whether you have those dependencies alreayd installed or not. This can cause slowness as well as the download size being much larger than the installed package size.
I removed both Flatpak and Snap from my build, and never deal with that.
I stick with the standard APT packages.


Ok thanks. I have use the Zorin OS package before. I just didn't know the difference. :wink:

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This one can be important to know and as you can see, it directly affected you. Please review the web for information (for and against) Flatpak and Snap so that you can make well informed guided decisions on your package management.


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