Why is there difference between zorin os 17 core

I have a very odd question when I installed Zorin OS 16.3 Core on my desktop computer and I upgraded to Zorin OS 17 Core I got a very odd answer when I wrote "uname -r" in Terminal. If I understand correct Zorin OS 17 Core was suppose to have a Kernel 6.1 well on my desktop I got this answer when I wrote "uname -r" the answer I got was "6.5.0-15-generic". I even wrote "neofetch" and it also say that kernel is "6.5.0-15-generic" is there something wrong? Or is it correct? The desktop computer is something I put together myself with a help of a friend. It has specs a motherboard from ASUS with a CPU Intel Core2Duo 2.2GHz a graphics card GeForce GT610. It has 4Gb memory and a SSD 1Tb. There is another thing I would like to ask about too. When Zorin try to install GeForce driver it just don't like them a screen that say it can't start with those driver installed, why is that? Hope someone can help with these questions. Thank you for a great Linux distro.


There has been an update to include the 6.5 kernel. This was to accomodate newer hardware and many requests to support that hardware.

As for the graphics driver, they get deprecated and reach End Of Life (EOL). This is due to the, still, rather quick growth of GPUs and their capabilities. The kernel would be huge if they included all of the graphics drivers, or support for them. Since the graphics card is usually upgraded with a computer, they placed an average time of support, then drop them. This may be the case with your card. Those may mean that you will have to downgrade the kernel in order to use the driver.

:warning: CAUTION: Do not downgrade beyond kernel 6.*, as the libraries (specifically libc6) are newer for the 6.* kernels. Going below kernel 6.* could very well break gnome as well as other parts of the OS.

If you need an earlier kernel than 6.*, use Zorin 16 instead.

Kernel 6.5 is right. It comes with an Update. Zorin 17 started with Kernel 6.2. Kernel 6.1 is a LTS Kernel what You can get on Debian for Example.