Why is there difference between zorin os 17 core

I have a very odd question when I installed Zorin OS 16.3 Core on my desktop computer and I upgraded to Zorin OS 17 Core I got a very odd answer when I wrote "uname -r" in Terminal. If I understand correct Zorin OS 17 Core was suppose to have a Kernel 6.1 well on my desktop I got this answer when I wrote "uname -r" the answer I got was "6.5.0-15-generic". I even wrote "neofetch" and it also say that kernel is "6.5.0-15-generic" is there something wrong? Or is it correct? The desktop computer is something I put together myself with a help of a friend. It has specs a motherboard from ASUS with a CPU Intel Core2Duo 2.2GHz a graphics card GeForce GT610. It has 4Gb memory and a SSD 1Tb. There is another thing I would like to ask about too. When Zorin try to install GeForce driver it just don't like them a screen that say it can't start with those driver installed, why is that? Hope someone can help with these questions. Thank you for a great Linux distro.


Kernel 6.5 is right. It comes with an Update. Zorin 17 started with Kernel 6.2. Kernel 6.1 is a LTS Kernel what You can get on Debian for Example.

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