Why is there no "recent" sort in the "installed" on the software store? Why no "recent" or zorin-menu either?

Like really, these are modern expectations. To whoever made it, the minimalism philosophy does a gross disservice here. It’s really disorienting to not have an idea of what you just recently installed. Having a “recent” sort in the software store would help get a list of all the programs that were installed by the store gui so that it would be easy to recreate in another install.

The windows store has it, google play has it, apple has it, no reason why this is missing from Linux stores

Synaptic has it:

sudo apt install synaptic

Canonicals Ubuntu Software Store (Or software channel) is a product of and for Ubuntu and is not developed or created by the Zorin Team.
I have avoided the Software Store since a couple of weeks of starting my journey in Linux on Zorin and I have never glanced back, since.

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You can also install Synaptic Package Manager via the Software Store.
Just search for “Synaptic” in there.

I’ll try switch to Synaptic. Any packages missing in the diff?

And yeah, calling it “Software” instead of something referencable like Zorin Store is also really generic. It makes it hard to search or describe what it really even is, and it comes off as the company being ashamed of it’s own product.

Missing packages in the diff? I do not understand this question.

To me, it sounds like trying to sound like Microsoft.
“MS Word.”
“MS Money.”
“MS Home.”
Very generic. But it does not surprise me in the least that Canonical mimics MS in some ways as they mimic MS in many other ways, too.
On this topic, you are definitely among like-minds, Thanhatos.

From the point of view of the Zorin Team, (I am speculating) it may be a balancing act. Having Canonicals Software Channel may offer that 'familiarity" to Windows.
On the other hand, it may also be that same familiarity of what people dislike about Windows that they want to get away from.
Fortunately, this is Linux and we still have several other options. Synaptic is one such, but not the only one.
But Synaptic Package Manger is a very good one and while the first time opening it, it takes a small amount of learning, it becomes familiar very quickly and is one Very powerful GUI tool. It can manage updates, upgrades, uprgrading, adding or removing Kernels, showing broken packages, fixing them, handling sources.list and repositories, showing recent installations, showing all available packages that can be installed in a list…

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