Why my laptop is showing authentication error

Why my laptop is showing authentication error . while i do nothing and go somewhere its show nothing non of the application icon show ..its goes hang or what i do not get it please try to resolve my problem

Please :pray: help m to resolve this

Are you logging into Wayland?

Have you modified any files or recently performed any installations or removals?

Try running these commands in terminal

sudo service sddm stop
sudo apt remove libqt5quick5-gles
sudo apt install libqt5quick5
sudo service sddm start

I hope this will help to resolve the icons.

@sulthan, the user is using gdm3, not sddm.

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Thank you for pointing that @Aravisian . Will running this help fix?

I suspect that package is geared toward KDE, more than Zorin os.
It may be worthwhile to try:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-shell

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No ..i only install software like vlc , snap store etc

I didn't have this package

I done this .. now see what happens ..i will update you

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No its not working i get authentication error please tell what can i do ..
Its bug or what
Please resolve this error

I restart the computer by power button then its showing this please try to resolve this issue i am in big problem please someone help me

Wow, it looks like the entire desktop has changed ownership.
Are you still able to log in to root from terminal?

What is the terminal output of sudo dmesg | less ?

Your better of with a reinstall. Also make sure the hashes are correct when you redownload the iso file.

Yes i still log in to terminal

This output is coming

After power off and on its work well but when you are not doing anything things with laptop its goes hang or what its not showing simbol or icons of software .. please find the solution ...what i do ...can i do reinstall or what

Thanks for the output. The good news is, it does not look like a failing hard drive.
If you are able, I would highly recommend backing up all personal files. Check their integrity on the drive you save them to.
Once done, boot into the Recovery Menu of Zorin OS:

Select the fsck option and run it.
When prompted, say "Yes."

Yes, reinstalling Zorin OS is an option and is a good option if you are comfortable with doing so.

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What can i do now

I do not understand why you entered "list" into the grub prompt.

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