Why no torrent download option?

I am having a decent fast internet with fast.com showing 150mbps, but when I'm trying to download the Zorin ISO it says 4-8 hours and it's difficult to get that to complete without error.

I was wondering why we do not have a torrent download option like other distros which is faster and also can be paused/resumed as required.

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The server to download Zorin OS is on sourceforge. During high demand, it can slow down- so it helps to close the page and check back in after a few minutes to find a much faster download.
Hopefully this helps.

As to the suggestion of making the OS available as a torrent - Good Suggestion. :slight_smile:


Though it requires that a bunch of servers are seeding the image, or else it defeat the whole purpose...

Just saw this weird thing on the internet today

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I might be slightly evil for being amused by a company named OpSec Security being spoofed...

The irony or karma... or both.

I would refrain from name a name, but one related news depicts Ubuntu as a "minor hobbyist OS", which made my eyes rolling :roll_eyes:

There is an unofficial torrent by distrowatch here:


Just search in the page for "zorin" and click on the link. Distrowatch only provides recent official stable releases so no Zorin 16 Beta. There are only:

  • Zorin 15.3 Core 64bit
  • Zorin 15.2 Core 64bit
  • Zorin 15 Lite 64bit
    Hopefully it will include Zorin 16 Core stable one day if there aren't any provided by Zorin Team officially yet.

Mind you, the torrent is not the fastest, but it sure beats having to deal with corrupted download due to unstable connection / bandwith.

And don't forget to do sha256 checksum on the ISO file

I used inuxtracker.org in past with a positive result.

Zorin 16 beta is here:

Links to other versions of Zorin can be found at the bottom of the page.